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Twelve Red Herrings [Jeffrey Archer] on Many of the 12 stories here, all of which feature false clues and twist endings, are based on “known”. Twelve Red Herrings is the third collection of irresistible short stories from master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer. Cleverly styled, with richly drawn characters and. First published in UK hardback – Harper Collins UK paperback published – Pan Macmillan. Expect the unexpected A wrongly convicted murderer.

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He is an amazing writer, be it novels or short stories. The central premise is again quite ludicrous – our protagonist abandons his evening duties after spotting a gorgeous lady entering the theatre.

Short stories varied in their quality. An imprisoned man herrrings certain that his supposed murder victim is very much alive. There is a beautiful start to a romantic flick and just at the point where you start judging it, it challenges you with alternate endings. My rating is 4. They are intriguing, and each ending is satisfying, and while some are predictable, others are much harder to see coming.

Jan 01, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Dark Melody 12 Carpathian By: We’ll contact you shortly. My most loved short story creator.

Twelve Red Herrings

Funny that a man who can write such convincing stories cannot lie and convince a group of 12 people! Like the different directions that his characters go Archer has put into each of his tales a “red herring” designed to lead the reader down a particular path only to later on spr “Twelve Red Herrings” is a collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer.


You just couldn’t take it seriously. It didn’t, it just led to flaccid endings and poorly conceived punchlines. A young artist gets the biggest break of her career Only Archer could pull of telling a story with four possible endings.

Shoeshine Boy This was one of the few that I actually really liked.

It was, however, the best written of the endings. Of course, most of the readers – like me – would want to know what will happen? The story was so clear in my mind but I never knew the author name for the book name. Whatever he may be in personal life, one cannot deny that when it comes to storytelling Archer is surely the best. Also, are we to intuit that the third character played a hand in all this? I really enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed Jeffery Archer’s previous ones: Everything Archer writes is to be considered right on target, as good as all his books, I love the different endings on each of his stories you never quite see what is coming, this is the best s Click here to know more.

I found myself borederline afraid for the characters well being. There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books. The last story with four yes, four!

I quite enjoyed this book, but expected more of a connection between all the tales than was present. I feel this review is: How will they react?

Dec 12, Anthony Richardson rated it it was amazing Shelves: One huge thing missing in this story is emotion. I would love to go back to see how these people get on with the rest of the story; it was that enjoyable.


Alert on new comments on this reviews. Jan 07, Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB. Your Mobile has been activated successfully. Some took me a while to get through, hetrings I’m such a fan that if Jeffery Archer wrote the ingredients of bread on a bag, I’d read it.

This is a must read for all Jeffrey Archer fans. Lord Jeffrey Archer needs no introduction. Dec 08, The book boasts differentiating plots, and is a careful collection of stories that deal with humorous and farcical realities.

Archer ke baarah teer !!! – TWELVE RED HERRINGS – JEFFREY ARCHER Consumer Review –

Once again a batch of short stories, involving some mysteries, but most are on the edge of crime fiction. Twelve Red Herrings contained a good mixture of stories. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. It is a testament to the quality of these stories that I found myself wanting to rred past the particular novel I was reading so I could get archre the next Archer short story.

All of the stories are fast-paced and exciting. Archer challenges his readers to find “twelve red herrings” this In the preface the author notes that the stories