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Buy MULTICOMP 2N online at Newark element Buy your 2N from an 35C Technical Datasheet: 2N Datasheet. See all Technical Docs . 2N Silicon NPN Transistor. Data Sheet. Description. Semicoa Semiconductors offers: • Screening and processing per MIL-PRF Appendix E. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Boca Semiconductor Corporation, NPN SILICON PLANAR TRANSISTOR.

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Hi everybody, I’ve got a question I’ve ordered some new albatross pcbs, so I can build new ones if I need to, but if I can get away with just replacing the 2Ns, then that would be awesome Click here to e-mail us!

Expect a boatload of bad Karma if you do the wrong thing. There are 2m2484 two more on-line cross-reference indexes to try, have a look here! If there are remaining poor souls that bought the kit from Igor, I have a list of the missing components in that kit. I checked both of my albatross builds, and they both exhibited the same problem, though the second one started smoking too which I guess datahseet due to the 10R resistor being less effective at doing it’s job due to fusing or something like that A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

2N Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

Click here to e-mail an order to us! All Tek numbers Tek Boards and Assemblies.


I’ve attached a grab of the data sheet for reference purposes composited with the top view of the albatross which I believe confirms it. I suppose i could try both and see which I like better. Thanks for any and all help, Kaz.

Builders that bought from Ramshackles are lucky, the service 2n284 better, they get fast shipping from Ramshackles and the board are nice. Please use this in the spirit it was intended for. Now I don’t really know my decibel related units at all, so I just had to google for a calculator like this one: Has anyone tried alternative DOAs for the input amp, and did they have any problems with them?

Here is my build so far. Can’t find the Tektronix transistor number you need? FYI, the ones I’m looking at are these: The ones I’ve got are citeks that I ordered from Farnell in an attempt to mimic the original BOM, but they ended up being a bit tight fitting and I want to use something smaller.

I’ve looked at the audio schematic and it seems like they’re just being used as voltage dividers after the THAT and input amp respectively, but that’s pretty much where my ability to work out what’s going on ends! You are visitor number. Sill missing some parts, but I am awaiting them eagerly.

Datasheet search «2n2*»

Igor seems to have been a little lax in the accuracy of BOM’s and I have not yet built all his projects that I sell boards for, so if you do find discrepancies or odd bits that you dont understand please give me a shout and I will have a look at it. Harpo Member Rahden, Germany Posts: Ok, so I think I’ve isolated the problem with the albatross DOAs, but would appreciate confirmation of this as an issue or not, as I’ll be building some new ones at some point, and I’d prefer to get them right this time!


Finally built my stereo F76 modules.

This has an index in both directions commercial number to Tek, and vice-versaand FULL device data. Want to join a Tek Scope eGroup mail list for information about these great instruments?

I’d rather know how to work this stuff out so that I can feel confident about the result rather than just choosing a suitably big potentiometer with regards to power rating and trusting to luck It seems like the smaller ones have lower power ratings, so I just want to make sure they can handle it.

Download from our server HERE. March 30, March 23, Just Click on the link to the right to subscribe or view the information on line. Can anyone help me with the methodology?

Help on what power rating the pot should have would be appreciated The data sheet also says: