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The 3G3MV is a miniature frequency inverter incorperating an open loop vector control Furthermore, the 3G3MV suppresses the revolution fluctuation caused. OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified .. 3G3MV-P10CDT Operation Manual (this manual) and the CPM1/. A maximum of four errors can be displayed. U Software No. OMRON use only. U Output power. W. Monitors the output power of the Inverter (see note.

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Increase the integral I time in n within a range causing no vibration. The output current of the Inverter is comparatively high. ON Multi-function input terminal 6 S6 1: The Inverter either decelerates or coasts to a stop according to the stop- ping mode selection.

Function Data writing 1: Down command Acceleration Deceleration Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Note If set to vector control mode, the default value will be 0. Communications Chapter 7 Parameter Description 3g3mc process Determines which step is to be processed next or finishes the operation after the step is finished normally. It is 3g3nv to control the Inverter, give frequency references, monitor the Inverter status, and read and write parameters through communications.

Parameters from n to n can be displayed only. Pentium 90 MHz Recommended: Caution Do not pull on the cables.

OMRON 3G3MV Series Multi-function SYSDRIVE Compact Inverters

The Digital Operator flashes and display the detail of the error. Use this information as a reference when deciding the number of Slaves to be connected to one network, and when considering the timing of input and output signals.


The maximum o,ron in n or the frequency reference upper limit in n, whichever is smaller. Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 Warning Detection Nonfatal Error The warning detection is a type of Inverter protective function that does not operate the fault contact output and returns the Inverter to its original status once the cause of the error has been removed.

Don’t have an account? Select and set one out of two frequency references in n Startup DC Injection Braking: Then the Inverter will be set to the sec- ondary level i. Page Using the Inverter for a Motor Chapter 11 D Gearmotor The speed range for continuous operation differs according to the lubrication method and motor manufacturer.

Omron 3G3MV-AB (3G3MVAB) – Axdos AB | PLCSWEDEN | Automation Spare Parts

Male Code Pin No. Page List of Parameters Chapter 10 Para Reg- Name Description Set- Unit Defaul Chan- Ref- t set- ister ting ges dur- ting range set- ence ting opera- page tion n Stall pre- Selects whether or omroh to automatically de- 0, 1 vention crease the level for stall prevention during op Communications Chapter 7 Note Communications data after the above conversion is hexadecimal.

Advanced Operation Chapter 6 4. Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Overtorque Detection Function When an excessive load is applied to the equipment, the Inverter detects the overtorque condition through an increase in the output current. We’ll send you an email letting you know exactly when your piece of equipment will be available for viewing Name: Save to an existing parts list Save to a new parts list.


Design Chapter 2 Cable length 50 m max. Preparing for Operation and Monitoring Chapter 3 Note Be sure to set n for parameter read-prohibit selection to 1 so that the parame- ters can be read.

3G3MV A Omron | Controller,motor,speed,kW,3 phase,Vac | | RS Components

Page Revision History New Inverters with different capacities added: The setting unit of the frequency reference and output frequency is determined by the set value in n Insert the length by using the Insert icon. The reason is that lmron register num- bers are consecutive and can be sent with a single DSR message. Page List omeon Parameters Chapter 10 Emergency The Inverter stops according to the setting stop fault in n for interruption NO mode selection with the emergency stop input turned ON.

The Inverter in energy-saving control adjusts the output voltage by using the ideal calculated value so that the actual output power will be minimum. Fault reset Multi-function input 1 1: