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In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy. Dave: father, small, wiry, quick tempered, values every nickel, poor Steve: son, twelve years old, big eyes, small, shy, worried POWER OF MONEY AND PRIDE. In this short story “A Cap for Steve”, there is a father and son Morley Callaghan is a Canadian writer born in Toronto on February 22,

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Please help us feed and educate children by uploading your csllaghan homework! Dave, however, is stricken by the power of money and power, and his pride is very important to him.

Hudson, he is almost immediately intimidated by him. Notify me of new comments via email. Though this was true, when Steve witnessed his father being handled by Mr.

‘A Cap For Steve’ by Morley Callaghan

And I say that with the reassurance that I have loved every minute of this project. His apology led them to talk about spending more quality time, and ended the story on a good note. Please help us feed and educate children by uploading your old homework! Bookish Beck Anglo-American literary dabbler.

A Cap For Steve

Throughout the story, the power of money and pride has a large effect on the protagonist Dave, and changes his behaviour whenever money is apparent. Lost In A Good Book. Fox on an Island Gabriola, BC. His pride is first z during his encounter with Mr.


People in the neighbourhood looked at him differently, which was why part of him had been ripped out when his father sold the hat. Sometimes children open the eyes of adults, and in A Cap for Stevethis is the exact case. Someone else may think of family as people living together, and relying on each other callagnan an economic relationship, but nothing more than that.

Steve taught his father at stee end of the story that their relationship can mean more than anything else. Steve looked to his father for help and understanding, but Dave did not realize this until then end.

Dave was seen as a jealous man from the very beginning.

Email required Address never made public. Although all families are different and unique, most have very similar conflicts along with comparable relationships.

A Cap For Steve by Kush Thakkar on Prezi

Hudson offered the twenty dollars. Transformation from a shy fearful boy; stands up to his father, and better understands the generosity of a child. From the very beginning Callaghan clearly shows the importance of money to him. He motley his father grow substantially from one another, and through the situation they went endured together.

Dave cannot compare himself to all of what Mr. All power and importance stripped when cap was lost for good. Steve opened his eyes to how blessed he is with his family, and that spending time with them is the most important thing.


From the beginning, there was an apparent strain between Dave and Steve.

In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusions of a young boy, and leads to the growth of his father. Making A Long Story Short. Hudson has a demeaning undertone to much of what he says, and Dave is aware of it. Some of the personality traits that were evident in the beginning of the story were much more hidden in the end.

Hudson, but in a different way. He told what had happened then he slowly took the two ten-dollar bills out of his wallet and tossed them on the table and looked up guiltily at his wife. Money is mentioned in the first sentence of the story, and is an important component throughout. He is caught between pride and insecurity, between a need to control but also appreciate his son.

Hudson is a powerful lawyer, who lives in the nice apartments across the park. The cap was priceless to Steve, not only because of where it came from, but what it meant. Money come theme throughout the story.