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Directed by Aleksandar Kostic. With Predrag ‘Miki’ Manojlovic. Film is inspired from Danilo Kis’s book “A Tomb for Boris Davidovich” and historical events that. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of A Tomb for Boris Davidovich by Danilo Kiš. In seven short stories about revolutionaries, Danilo Kis explores the dark and terrible underbelly of the Revolution, its betrayals and deceits and its destruction of.

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He was exploited by the bourgeoisie, and made to kill their lambs, and exploited by the Communists, and made to kill Hanna.

The book was the subject of a borris and tedious plagiarism controversy, one of the most famous literary scandals in Tito’s Yugoslavia. The Western Canon New York: Those books were bound in leather, marked with numbers, and written by learned men; in them, had they wanted to read them, they could have found thousands of reasons why they should have killed me at once, and in them, had they wanted to read them, they could have also found the balm and cure for their hatred.

Unfortunately, this is a necessary work, and in my estimation, another piece of required reading: It’s still very good, but somehow, taken alone, I didn’t feel so much for this one as the other stories around it.

I’ve noticed that for whatever reason when people happen to speak of Modern Serbian literature the usually discussed ‘classics’ are typically titles such as: Jun davifovich, Tony added it Shelves: The collection of stories that constitute this novel don’t intersect much, except thematically.

More impactful for me, in fact, was the companion story that followed it, which the author claims to be a davudovich of a historical account from the 14th century, though I haven’t confirmed whether that’s actually the case. In one of the most shocking scenes a man confesses to everything he is accused of in davidovidh belief that this will prevent his daughter from being murdered only to discover years later, at a labor camp, that she was killed on the day he was interrogated.

During one particularly trying period when Novsky is older, he is being interrogated by a man called Fedukin and Kis puts in horrifying clarity and focus the life of a revolutionary: I especially enjoyed the long section describing card games in penal colonies.

The calm tone and often unexpected unfolding of these life-stories in such a short space make them intriguing reads, and there’s some power though also considerable frustration in the description of the characters’ always dwvidovich fates. Jesus, that was my husk of a response after I finished this one on a rainy afternoon, still jet-lagged from a honeymoon of sorts in London and back in Indiana, one foaming with the necessity of quickly organizing most aspects of my life.


Several of the stories are written as fictional biographies wherein the main characters interact with historical figures. We would automatically want to say no, and yet one would have to bear in mind that these people would, in all likelihood, be killed anyway. Nor is it all about Russia, or the 20th century.

A Tomb for Boris Davidovich () – IMDb

Photos Add Borie Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Although the stories Kis tells are based on historical events, the beauty and precision of his prose elevates these ostensibly true stories into works of literary art that transcend the politics of their time. Mar 09, Nathan “N. For even if it is believed that the two men succeeded,through dense and exhausting ideological polemics, in dispelling certain suspicions that had appeared tmob the head of Republican Verschoyle suspicions with possible far-reaching consequencesthere was a perfectly justified suspicion that the other two had also felt the fatal influence of certain counterarguments: For me, it is this kind of thing that distinguishes great short story writers from ordinary or average ones.

Novsky in the novella “A Tomb for Boris Davidovich” has such a high profile that his destruction demands an appropriate confession in a show-trial; he duels with his davidovjch, fighting over the conclusion to his biography.

Sentenced to death and executed on July 13, Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of tombb actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

Bravery and cowardice both show their face, though brave suffering tends to get more attention.

Un tombeau davidovih Boris Davidovitch – France. The young French and Belgian rebels of my twenties have all perished; my syndicalist comrades of Barcelona in were nearly all massacred; my comrades and friends of the Russian Revolution are probably all dead — any exceptions are only by a miracle.

Kaul Taube is revealed to have been decided by a card game between two criminals. The stories are based on historical events and deal with themes of political deception, betrayal, and murder in Eastern Europe during the first half of the 20th century except for “Dogs and Books” which takes place in 14th century France. This Europe is akin to a bubbling, simmering cauldron in which institutional ideology and cynicism are blended in equal measure.

And as postscripts go, how about this one: My favorite display of unexpected wonder was in a list of the subject-matter of poems by the subject of ‘The Short Biography of A.


This novel deserves to be read for it’s political and historical importance and understood for the suffering that it thinly veils. Nov 04, Petruccio Hambasket IV rated it it was amazing. I chose Kis because of his contribution to Yugoslavian literature and to literature that give us historical context of the atrocity of Communism and its affect on those who lived under its rule, no matter w Danilo Kis, a Yugoslavian author and a Jew, fluidly ties together a book of short stories that mournfully capture the reality of life under Communism in the first half of the twentieth century.

It deserves a high place among the literary treatments of the Russian Revolution.

Novsky spends his life being sought, captured and escaping. This is an unfortunate established pattern: Idealists and pragmatists alike. While working for a rich landowner Miksha davidovicg involved in revolutionary activity, which results in him murdering an innocent young woman, Hanna Krzyzewska, who had been denounced as a traitor.

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A Tomb for Boris Davidovich

Views Read Edit View history. It is set primarily in the Czech Republic and features Miksha, who is described as a man with potential, someone who could be a kind of master craftsman. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. They get into you. They have some real horror in vor, but they don’t emote for the reader. Kis himself was persecuted by the Yugoslavian literary machine when this was first published in in his own country.

A Tomb for Boris Davidovich (Danilo Kis) – book review

Pierre Menardbut his concerns and themes are more in line with what time and circumstance, for English speakers, have come to label as Orwellian.

I told them not to rip them apart, for many books are not dangerous, only one is dangerous; I told them not to tear them apart, for the reading of many books brings wisdom, and the readin “Those books were bound in leather, marked with numbers, and written by learned men; in them, had they wanted to read them, they could have found thousands of reasons why they should have killed me at once, and in them, had they wanted to read them, they could also have found the balm and cure for their hatred.

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It is concerned with the mysterious B.