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CoA “ABR Navy Technical Regulations Manual”, Commonwealth of Australia, Director of Technical Regulations – Navy, See ABR Volume 2 Section 5 Chapter 2 Annexes A&B for risk and engineering authority levels. Endorsement indicates that technical risk has been . 1. ASC Engineering Management Plan, and subsidiary processes. 2. Judgement of Significance (ABR). 3. Take 5. Key Behavioral Competencies Required.

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If required, in-service hydrostatic pressure testing procedures, except for the applied pressure, shall be as xbr at Paragraph Any combination of letters, numbers or symbols used by the manufacturer to identify the period of manufacture of a 6942 product. For example, a hose manufactured in the second quarter ofdenoted as 2Q04 at repetitive intervals on the layline, has a shelf life that ends on the 30th September The evidence ar consist of any or all of the following: Therefore the following shelf and service life is specified so that the optimum life may be obtained from these hoses: Hose-Assembly Inspection Requirements The criticality is used only to determine the expected service life cycle of rubber flexible hose assemblies iaw Table 1.

Hose In-service Inspections Ensure that the hose has not been twisted and that it has not bunched or blistered on the inside of the tube at the nipple edge. The life cycle of a rubber hose contains two separate elements. Above psig and below psig kPa.

Hose working pressure — rated. Hoses may be issued, installed and remain in service in critical anr provided this period is not exceeded eg, hoses issued 6 years after cure have remaining service life of 10 years. For example, if the shelf life of a hose is extended from 4 to 6 years, then the maximum service life should be reduced from 12 to 10 years Users should be aware of this condition by comparing the Cure Date and Installation Date recorded on the hose tag.

Sustainment Management in the Royal Australian Navy.

Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

Ensure that the pressure ratings of the hose end fittings and the hoses are comparable. For hyperbaric hoses this is normally 1.

Any shelf life expired hose assemblies that have to be used in critical systems, as defined at Table 1, shall be managed so that the excess shelf life is deducted from the 12 years maximum service life and should 6942 replaced no later than 16 years from their cure date. The RAN’s technical regulation system requires that evidence of safety be: It is emphasised that the shelf and service life requirements imposed by this directive 66492 only to synthetic rubber hoses used in critical applications.


Changes in physical properties of rubber over a period of time due to long term exposure to heat, sunlight, ozone, moisture, etc. In instances where it is considered inappropriate or unsafe to attach a metal tag to a hose assembly, eg very small hoses or avr used on agr equipment this requirement may be omitted provided some other form of hose identification, such as an inscribed ID, is used see para 16 below Page 11 of 16 Hose Installation OEM hoses may be replaced with hoses of the same material type, to an equal or higher standard, if the installed hoses have not been a problem, subject to CME or other DAR concurrence.

Inspection of assemblies whilst subject to system pressure is desirable, but must be limited to those locations where personnel safety is not placed at unacceptable risk. Irrespective of the avr obtained from any other inspection, any of the following conditions shall be cause for rejection of 642 hoses: This date may mark an event such as system hydrostatic test, date system filled with fluid, system start up, etc.

The maximum working pressure for which a hose is designed. Original signed by Signature: This periodicity shall be in accordance with the appropriate planned maintenance requirement but should be at least annually. A dogleg or o return assembly would consist of 2 lengths of hose, 2 end fittings and either a 90o dogleg elbow or o U-bend fitting.

Periodic visual inspections shall be made of all installed flexible hose assemblies for signs of physical aabr.

On these occasions, the fabrication of the hose shall be in accordance with a suitably approved standard or procedure. Page 14 of 16 66492 In manned spaces they should be replaced no later than 12 years after installation and internally inspected in accordance with the appropriate planned maintenance requirement during each 6 year period.

Service life begins from the date abd installation for hoses installed between major refits and from a date agreed upon between the relevant authority and the contractor for installation during major refits and construction.


The Naval Technical Regulatory System. A non-destructive pressure applied to a hose or hose assembly to determine reliability under normal working pressure. System with the release of ABR – the Navy. Metal hoses that have been welded or brazed into sbr system shall not be removed for the purpose of post examination hydrostatic testing.

Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

In no case is the bursting pressure to be less than five times 5x the maximum system working pressure. Upon fabrication of a hose assembly, the entire assembly configuration shall be visually examined as follows: The visible portion of hose between two end fittings or between one end fitting and a dogleg elbow which is free to absorb motion under operating and shock conditions.

System criticality shall be as determined at Table 1. Eg illustrations parts breakdowns APL etc Approved planned maintenance takes precedence over the generic instructions provided in this TM Ensure that the hose end fitting threads have not been damaged. ABR Volume 2 Section 5. Once put into service, the repaired hose assembly shall then be routinely inspected iaw the current maintenance practice and the tape renewed if it displays fraying or unbonding.

A device attached to the ends of a hose to facilitate the connection of a hose Page 5 of 16 assembly to a piping system.

Large areas covered in paint. A flexible conduit of circular cross section, and usually consisting of an inner element tubereinforcement element carcass and an outer element cover.

If difficulty is experienced with removal or replacements of the sleeve, then the complete assembly shall be replaced. The repaired hose may remain in service subject to routine inspections until the hose is removed for testing iaw the current maintenance scheduling. The periodicity of inspection should be at least quarterly, with special attention being given to the large diameter joints installed in the sea connections to and from main condensers.

Monitoring of Physical Inspection Readings where applicable. Working in Confined Spaces regulations, the Contractor shall ab.