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Define Acrocomia mexicana. Acrocomia mexicana synonyms, Acrocomia mexicana pronunciation, Acrocomia mexicana translation, English dictionary definition. Accepted Scientific Name: Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart. Hist. Nat. Palm. 3: () Mart. Synonyms: Acrocomia mexicana Karw. ex Mart. Production of “vino de coyol” (palm sap wine) from Acrocomia mexicana( Arecaceae) was observed in Honduras. Trees are selected, felled, and tapped by .

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It has been suggested that grugru nuts, which come in mass numbers from each tree, can be used in the manufacture of biodiesel. Acrocomia aculeata spines on mature stem. Production of coyol wine from Acrocomia mexicana Arecaceae in Honduras. Acrocomia aculeata Scientific classification Kingdom: Photograph courtesy of Montgomery Botanical Center http: The inside of the seed, also called endospermis a dry white filling that has a vaguely sweet taste like coconut when eaten.

Retrieved from ” http: Upper leaf surface, grayish or bluish green; undersurface, whitish or silvery. The main use is in landscaping, tolerates transplantation as a juvenile and adult. Moore Acrocomia totai Mart. However, we will stick to botanical nomenclature in that Acrocomia karukerana is not considered a separate species, but as a simple variation of the population within Acrocomia aculeata.

Special thanks to Palmweb. Lyon ArboretumHawaii.

Acrocomia aculeata | Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

This palm can be very fast growing and surprisingly cold hardy. The uses of all parts of this palm would take several paragraphs to list, and would provide interesting reading. Solitary, upright stems to 10 m tall and up to 35 cm in diameter, bulging just above or at the middle of the mexicaa, with rings of black spines, and sometimes covered with remnants of old leaf bases. Pinnateto 3 m long, with linear leaflets spreading in multiple planes.


As a juvenile, with its sharp and plentiful spines, it can present a hazard to children and pets, not to mention, the well caring gardener. It mexicanaa almost be an endemic form.

File:Acrocomia mexicana-spathes-1.jpg

It is time to replant the palm gorgeous, extremely rapid growth and capable of withstanding a “Lent” severe without watering. This genus was revised inwhen the number of species was mexxicana from about 30 to 2. The name of this palm karukerana means “Karukera” old Indian name of Guadeloupe. The spherical fruits 2. In any case, this palm is a very special variant of the species Type Acrocomia aculeata, which seems to be almost exclusively on Guadeloupe. Acrocomia aculeata stem of juvenile palm.

Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe is the home of Acrocomia karukerana some features distinguish them from other forms of the acfocomia. Happily, sometimes it still surprises along the gullies are difficult to access, a feathery palm of “Grougrou” dangling at the mercy of winds.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This palm is protected by law. Respiratory system, Mexicanw system, the root is used for the digestive system, and both the root and stem to make beverages.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Nevertheless, it is unfortunately now on the verge of extinction as their numbers are reduced. The flowers are small, aceocomia on a large branched inflorescence 1.

Last Updated May idtools. One must be careful when planting such a vicious palm. On populations designated under the name Acrocomia karukerana, these seem to have different characteristics from others spines arranged without order on the stem, when they are arranged in regular rings on the stems of Acrocomia aculeata.


Switch to new thesaurus. It is most common in open sunny areas, and is fairly drought tolerant. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Acrocomia aculeata. Acrocomia aculeata is a species of palm native to tropical regions of the Americasfrom southern Mexico and the Caribbean south to Paraguay and northern Argentina. Sweet Acrocomia lasiospatha Mart. Las palmeras americanas con uso medicinal en las publicaciones medicana y farmacologicas.

Tiny white hairs on the whitish underside of the leaflets, obvious, pale secondary veins and obscure transverse veinlets. Wild palms on the island of Grenada – Many of these grow along the riparian zone. Articles with ‘species’ arocomia Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with automatically added mexicans. Its other uses include, Medicinal and Veterinary: May be confused with Bactris gasipaes: Erect, solitary palms with sharp, black spines in rings on the stem; the stem sometimes with persistent leaf bases attached and often swollen or spindle-shaped; leaflets plumose.

acrocomia mexicana

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Both species are spiny, but Acrocomia aculeata is single-stemmed, while Bactris gasipaes is a multi-stemmed or clustering palm.

This is a tillering palm, it exhibits saxophone style root growth it has a heelkeep top third of heel above soil elevation!