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Supersedes AFI , 1 July Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction explains how to compute service dates and dates of rank and. AFI , Reserve of the Air Force Officer Promotions (formerly AFR AFI , Service Dates and Dates of Rank (formerly AFR ). Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Privacy Act Program, . Advises students and explains changes to AFI , Service Dates and.

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Once a record is rendered NFQ, the airman will not receive a score notice and their name will not appear on either a select or nonselect listing.

The AFPC commander deputy director in the commander’s absence determines promotion for these airmen. The entire text of the IC is at the last attachment 4. DOR and effective date are the date the selection authority announces the promotion.

Business Management AFI advertisement. PDS automatically withholds promotion for those who do not complete appropriate PME prior to the effective date see Table 1. 36-264

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For unified commands, authority may be delegated to the Air Force Element commander. Will screen all incoming UPRGs and verify promotion eligibility affi ensure promotion orders have been issued.

TSgt selectees may request, in writing, an HYT adjustment in order to serve a maximum of 6 months as a TSgt from the promotion effective date. An airman who fails to report for scheduled testing without a valid reason affi become ineligible for promotion during the cycle Table 1.


Appoints board members for the SNCO evaluation board. Ensure member signs a statement in accordance with paragraph 1. The waiver authority 36-22604 with wing or equivalent level commander.

Annotates the reasons for nonselection and the ineligibility period not to exceed 6 months. Accomplishes an order of merit list in each promotion AFSC from the highest score to lowest score and applies the promotion quota. Below-the-Zone BTZ selectees removed from the selection list remain ineligible until they meet the fully qualified promotion requirements.

Approves evaluation board results. Desires 36-6204 promote a member not on the eligibility roster sand member meets all requirements in Table 4. Afk selected and assigned a. These 36-604 have no specific duties that require access to the scores.

These dates reflect the normal promotion cycle increment months; however, due to budget constraints or other unforeseen actions, these dates may be extended.

Who Announces Promotion Dates and Quotas: The effective date of promotion is the date of the promotion order unless a later date is stated.

MPF will return memorandums not stating the specific reasons for withholding actions to commanders and reference this paragraph. SKT Exemptions see note 1 and paragraph 2. When to Have Promotion Ceremonies Adds sfi following statement after the last name on the promotion roster: Applying for Correction of Records.

There does not have to be a higher grade position vacancy for promotion to the grades of Amn through SSgt. You must have the certificate avi promotion to MSgt.

AFI 36-2502

Subsequent promotions determine future DOR unless other actions take precedence. Instructs commanders to make a written promotion recommendation upon completion of data verification.


Credit one-twelfth point for each month of TAFMS, up to 25 years, computed as of the last day of the cycle See note 1. The time weighting factor begins with 50 for the most recent report and decreases in increments of five for each report on file.

If discovered after selections are announced, request supplemental BTZ consideration according to paragraph 2. Airmen are identified during the processing month and SrA BTZ promotion selections are made during 36-2064 months indicated in Table 2. After calculating each report, add the total value of each report for a sum. The airman is notified of the error, in writing, and is informed not to assume the new grade until HQ AFPC confirms the selection status.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements For Promotion see note 1. Processes the promotion eligibility rosters prior to UTA completion.

Promotion DOR and effective date are the anniversary date of the original promotion date after written recommendation. Commanders may conduct ceremonies on the last duty day before the promotion effective date and inform the member that ceremonies do not affect pay, seniority, or entitlements. These programs authorize the promotion authority defined in table 36-264. Written nonrecommendations are not required for airmen otherwise ineligible according to Table 1.