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Statistical methods for the social sciences / Alan Agresti, Barbara Finlay Agresti, an introduction to statistical methods for students majoring in social science. Such sequences are commonly required of social science graduate students in sociology, political Alan Agresti, Barbara Finlay The book presents an introduction to statistical methods for students majoring in social science disciplines. APA Citation. Agresti, A., & Finlay, B. (). Statistical methods for the social sciences (Fourth edition, Pearson new international edition.). London: Pearson.

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The author is successful in his goal of introducing statistical methods in a style that emphasized their concepts and their application to the social sciences rather than the mathematics and computational details behind them. He is author of over refereed article and four texts including “Statistics: Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, 4th Edition. The author uses capital Y only as notation for a variable and lower-case for observed values and sample statistics; thus, y-bar, rather than Y-bar, which is consistent with the lower-case used throughout for the standard deviation and other statistics.

From inside the book.

No previous knowledge of statistics is assumed, and mathematical background is assumed to be minimal lowest-level high-school algebra. On the other hand, the text is not a cookbook.


This includes some new exercises that ask students to use applets located at http: Teh text contains numerous sample printouts, mainly in the style of SPSS and occasionaly SAS, both in chapter text and homework problems.

Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, 4th Edition

Alan AgrestiBarbara Finlay. He has been teaching statistics there for 30 years, including the development of three courses in statistical znd for social science students and three courses in categorical data analysis.

Strong emphasis on regression topics. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Instructor resource file download The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning.

Websites and online courses. Chapter 16 includes new sciencces on longitudinal data analysis and multilevel hierarchical models. The main concepts to be understood by students are sampling distribution, confidence interval, p-value, linear regression. There is a stronger focus on real examples and on methoes integration of statisical software.

Table of Contents 1. The fourth edition has an even stronger emphasis on concepts and applications, with greater attention to “real data” both in the examples and exercises. By “modern”, I mean that it is model rather than test oriented, that it scoences heavy emphasis to confidence intervals and p-values rather than using arbitrary levels of significance, and that it eschews computational formulae.


Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences – Alan Agresti, Barbara Finlay – Google Books

The mathematics is still downplayed, in particular probability, which is all too often a stumbling block for students. One way analysis of variance. Share a link to All Resources. Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences.

He is author of over refereed article and four texts including “Statistics: Mtehods “This text is readable, understandable, and well-organized.

Since the first edition, the increase in computer power coupled with the continued improvement and accessibility of statistical software has had a major impact on the way social scientists analyze data. The presentation of computationally complex methods, such as regression, emphasizes interpretation of software output rather than the formulas for performing the analysis.

Agresti & Finlay, Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences | Pearson

Perfectly reasonable base text; I staitstical one can get through it significantly faster than two semesters, but provides just the base needed for more advanced work. Sign In We’re sorry! The book contains sufficient material for a two-semester The main changes are as follows: Account Options Sign in. The main changes are as follows:.