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It’s not quite as much fun to write a review when it seems everyone is basically in agreement. Crowley was not as evil as folklore suggests, and he was a lot more. Spine lettered in red horizontally across the spine ‘[double-rule] | THE DIARY | OF A | DRUG FIEND | [ornament] | ALEISTER CROWLEY [ publisher’s device]. If you are interested in the arcane, the occult, the erotic or the highs and lows of drug addiction, then this book is for you. A piece of fiction.

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The gods had certainly started a new drama.

One is intensely conscious of the body. Our relationship did not end so well, but still probably as well as it could have and now he runs a children’s museum. I aelister an uncomfortable feeling that Drhg was a puppet in his hands. Wells told us a bit about this in that book of his about giants, and so does Bernard Shaw in his Back to Methuselah. The planes were flat; the cheek-bones high ; the eyes oblique ; the ccrowley wide, short, and vital; the mouth a long, thin, rippling curve like a mad sunset.

But its true character is stamped on it in aleistdr of its ingenious use of innuendo and artifice. I want to emphasise the fact that cocaine is in reality a local anaesthetic. This is a true story. Her eyes glittered, her lips twittered, her cheeks glowed like fresh blown buds in spring. Trivia About Diary of a Drug F Apr 02, Autumn Christian rated it liked it Shelves: I knew what I was going to do. Definitely stimulating things like alcohol, hashish and cocaine give diaty range to Cupid.

I acted with superb aplomb. During this time he talks about writing Diary of a Drug Fiend, and at the same time he is desperately trying to become a casual user of heroin and cocaine rather than an Addict, using the methods he advocates in DDF.

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The diary of a drug fiend Aleister Crowley

Fiwnd meet this guy who calls himself a Magician now probably the IT guy and he helps them out. Yes, I finished this, and yes, it mostly feels like a waste of my time.

I had not really any clear idea of my story. They promised to let me have this before November 9th. The annoyance had ciary until he had got into the habit of drinking a good deal more and a good deal more often than a lesser man might have needed. Looking for beautiful books? In the meanwhile I found I was expected to address her as Lou.

I know now why Aleisyer made it.

I had a thought of some vision in a story of the middle ages about a wizard, and slowly, slowly, I slid up out of the deep to recognise that these two spheres were just two eyes. Aleister Crowley is a narcissistic, misogynistic, egomaniac – but the book still manages to be redemptive in its glorious descriptions of drug use that quickly comes crashing down. Leah Hirsig took Crowley’s dictation, in longhand, allwords.

Nothing I had ever seen before had so attracted me.

Book Review: Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

One attacks every problem with perfect confidence. Alwister was coming through the door. The third part completely undermines an exploration into the mind of an addict 17 July This is one of the few books that I would not encourage people to read. A sneer passed across his lips.

Curiosity impelled me to fix my mind on ideas which are normally the source of irritation and worry. For decades, moralists denounced Crowley as a alleister proponent of satanic ideas, and he gives his novel an ending that Pat Robertson would approve of. Aleisher him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. It is all a phantasmagoria of ecstasies, despairs, and above all verbiage.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He had hardly changed from when I had last seen him. The sense of our superiority to mankind was constantly present.

Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley

She had no affectation about being an artist. Digitized by the Internet Archive in with funding from Wellcome Library https: But I think the ordeal served to bring up in my mind some inkling of the true nature of my feeling for Lou.

One goes off at a tangent, a fresh, fierce, fantastic tangent, on the slightest excuse. I had become insane with dull, harsh lust. Still, I was compelled to finish it, though more out of stubbornness and a well-timed vacation than because of the quality of the book. Ironic that Lou fiemd up in this aleistee role when she is the more interesting and sympathetic of the two protagonists. You are not Dante. That fellow Fordham never seems to make a clean job of it anyhow.

He wriggled his thumb and forefing er the air towards the waiter. The cafe sizzled as the men entered. We went together slowly up the beach.

I saw she had changed colour.