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The Screw pump is one of the oldest and most useful of all pump designs. And whereas there are a myriad of other pump styles to fit almost every need, a screw . ALLWEILER, IMO, WARREN and ZENITH are registered trademarks and Versatile self-priming horizontal and vertical screw pumps with tremendous product. 1. Screw Pumps. SN Series. Utilization. The SN series from ALLWEILER is utilized in all segments of industry where lubricating liquids are pumped that do not.

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Your are now here: SN Screw Pump Usage: The three spindle screw pumps are suitable for pumping various kinds of non-corrosive oil without contents of solid grains and liquids similar to lubricating oils, The viscosity of mediums to be conveyed range from 1.

Easy and quite maintenance. Shaft Seal — Unheated, uncooled mechanical seal no other options available. Standard pump supply allweeiler In heating techniqzzues as fuel oil and medium with lubricating pvoperties. In the chemical and food industry ascargo-,transfer or supply pumps. Continuous flow, without pulsation. These closed chambers will take the medium inside to move from the inlet end axially and let flow pressurized progressively, to have a continuous, constant ,axial flow pressured liquid.


Whenever machines, motors, gear sets or turbines must be supplied with lubricating oil; when scred units must have a certain oil pressure; when oil must be transferred in power plants, refineries and tank farms; or when industrial burners must be supplied with light or heavy fuel oil — triple-spindle, low-pressure Screw Pumps are right at home in all of these situations and many more.

Similar to Allweiler pump Categories: Since this pump is produced scew China, the price is much competitive than the Origin. Inside the pump casing, as the flanks of teeth of drive screw and idler screws are engaged and the screws are also matched with the three inset holes, several sealed moving chambers are thereby formed in between the pump inlet and outlet end.

According to the delivery medium heated or cooled designs are also available. The pump spares are also available in our sides.

Allweiler TRILUB Series Triple Screw Pumps

Refer to more details from the pump catalogue. For handling lubricating liquids with no abrasive substances, no chemical attack of pump materials, in particular lube oils, hydraulic oils and light fuel oils in all industrial fields of application.

In the engineering industry as hydraulic-,and telemotor pumps. Kindly send your specific inquiry, we will reply you in one working day. SN three screw pump. Please click the relative category in right of the production picture for more information.


The TRD range are typically used in f iring, hydraulics, mechanical engineering, general industrial technologies, chemical and petrochemical industries, marine and offshore engineering, lube oil applications. Refer to more details from the SN screw pump catalogue. Drive Installation — Close coupled installation only horizontal foot mount or vertical tank mount. In the marine field as transfer-,booster-,fuel oil pumps as well for ship hydraulics.

The three spindle screw pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. The flow range is 0. Simple construction and reliable operation. For the handling of oil and medium with lubricating pvoperties.

Allweiler TRILUB Series Triple Screw Pumps – Pump Power

SN three-spindle screw pump is of self priming Because of the unit assembly system every pump can be supplied as cartridge pump for foot-,flange-or wall mounting, in pedestal-,bracket-or submersible design. Bearing Designs — Either internal medium lubricated groove ball bearing or external grease lubricated and re-greaseable groove ball bearing.

Please click the following link for relative case. Please contact us through: Certificate of classification society available: This pump can be use for Fuel oil and Lub.