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The American Songbag [Carl Sandburg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Songs from The American Songbag by Carl Sandburg I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years Ago Sandburg: “Folk lore tells of giants and long-lived men. Results 1 – 15 of 15 The American Songbag by Sandburg, Carl and a great selection of related books , art and collectibles available now at

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What do I care for your world of pleasure, When all I want is a handsome man. There is a pen jame on the free front end page. They go to a soft, brave melody. Would you leave her behind unprotected When she loves no other but you? What were the figures they advanced to, Up and down as they chanced to?

If time and circumstance had permitted there would have been included a number of guitar, accordion, and harmonica accompaniments for the port- able instruments.

Turn me over on my right side, doctor, where de bullet hurt me so. He was her man but he done her wrong, so wrong. Perhaps I should explain that for a number of years I have gone hither and yon over the United States meeting audiences to whom I talked about poetry and art, read my verses, and closed a program with a half- or quarter-hour of ameriican, giving verbal footnotes with each song.

Fodder for the mare and her foal cost money the same as oil, water and new wind shields do today. Jump up in her Ju-ju -ba-ju! Shelley and Son Books Published: His talk about the mountain people and his singing of their ballads and ditties is quiet and aamerican. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; Top front corner bumped, owner name. They tell of it, “Time and usage have given this song almost the dignity of a national anthem around Nassau.

If and when such history is written it will help some on the point amerlcan by a Yankee phi- losopher that there are persons born and reared in this country who culturally have not yet come over from Europe. Harsh contours are worn down, jagged edges smoothed. He was her man, sonbbag she shot him down. Gordon; he has Frankie songs, and is still picking up new ones.


This is arranged from the ballad as sung by Arthur Sutherland and the buccaneers of the Eclectic Club of Wesleyan Songbwg.

Its stately xongbag might be compared to certain laced ladies and ruffled gentlemen imprisoned in fine porcelain works ametican Eng- land a century or two ago. The dust jacket is in good condition with wear along the edges and a faded spine. When formed our band, we arc all well manned. Perhaps when certain American songs of vulgar birth are as much loved by American singers as are similar Slavic melodies by Russian vocalists, there may develop meditative airs and commonplace lyrics with the significant pauses and deeper tintings not given them now.

American Song Bag

History, sonhbag may repeat, runs through this book. Then Ike heaved a sigh and they fondly embraced, And she traveled along with his arm ’round her waist.

Sh-ta-ra-dah-dey, sh-ta-dey, Times is mighty hard. People were thankful for it as an achievement of human genius. Its melody, its half-story elements, its weaving repetitions, make it a good song for company and party singing. It will give the feel and atmosphere, the layout and lingo, of regions, of breeds of men, of customs and slogans, in a manner and air not given in regular history, to be read and not sung. Wallace Stegner’s ink name on front free endpaper, above bookplate of son Page Stegner.

They stake out land claims, put in crops and start farming. Didn’t leave de farmer’s wife but one old cotton dress, An’ it’s full of holes, it’s full of holes. I don’t know how old it is. Diego Rivera of Mexican Folkways did the line drawing with his initials on it.

The American Songbag | Academy of American Poets

Dat house sho’ was a-burnin’ up. There amerian as many Liza songs in the Appalachian mountains as there are species of trees on the slopes of that range.


It is communicated by Neeta Marquis of Los Angeles, who says it is too finely sweet a. The higher up the cherry tree, The riper grow the cherries.

And the girl that has loved you so true. Then they thought of what they had been told, When they started after gold, That they never in the world would make a pile. When the curtains of night Are pinned back by the start, And the dew drops of heav’n kiss the rose, I’ll remember you, Love, In my sogbag. Lively with overtones of pathos Arr. Compositions americxn violin, piano, voice. Where O where is the bad boy Absolom? I 3 I was a- gwine down the road, Tired team and a hea- vy load, I Crack rny whip and the lead – er ; I says day – day to the wa – gon-tongue.

Across the Great Plains came wagon trains; americah ten miles along the Matte River a traveler counted wagons. To California go, There’s plenty of gold in the world, I’m told, On the banks of the Sacramento shore.

Songs from ‘The American Songbag’ by Carl Sandburg

We had such good times, together all the time; Till one night I went out, got filled with nigger gin, An’ when I saw her I completely los’ my min’. What makes Biblio sonhbag From then on the work was entirely that of the composer, except in a number of instances when I suggested a different mood, atmosphere or rhythm to meet the requirements of the song as I had customarily heard it.

It was a traditional tune of Kentucky and Tennessee that her father said went hack to the Eigh teen-forties. In reply to amegican queries, Mr. Boniby R.