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Figure 1: Aquamacs combines the legendary power of Emacs with user-friendly cus- • What’s New in this Release • Tutorial: Aquamacs for. PreferencesInAquamacs explains where Aquamacs finds user-supplied preference files .emacs) and customization packages. If you’ve been using Emacs for decades and find yourself surprised by some of the changes to the user interface in Aquamacs, have a look at.

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You will frequently want to know all the buffers that are currently open so you can choose the correct one to switch to. Moving the point It can be slow to move the point only with the arrow keys; these are the commands that I use aquamwcs speed up navigation note that there are some other commands you can use for the same operations — these are just the ones I find most convenient.

Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V tutoriaal paste.

A very good example of a GTD setup is: GTD New shortcuts in this chapter: Aquamaxs just work, right from the menu: Aquamacs offers a range of proportional and mono-spaced fonts to choose from. For example, there is a “Reveal in Finder” function, or another one to open new files in one of many popular modes.

The Emacs for the Mac

It will look like this: Adding aauamacs workflow states to every org-file you create gets boring soon, so it also possible to do this in your config file. To kill a selected region, use C-w: Aquamacs offers a dedicated manual plus the good old Emacs manual directly via Apple Help environment – you can search both of them quickly with Spotlight and read the documentation comfortably.

The three most important keyboard shortcuts to know are C-h C-h helpC-g quitand M-x run aauamacs. Just write to the mailing list but check the manuals first!


Export New shortcuts in this chapter: Working with lists List are great for brainstorming and to keep track of things. To add tags, add the following to the top your document: This will export the document and open the new document in your browser.

To really save time with any efficiency tool, you have to know it well.

Other useful commands Search To search in a buffer or region, if you have one selecteduse C-s to search forward or C-r to search backward. Keyboard Shortcuts There are two very important keys in Emacs. Now move the point to the other end of the region. Ordered lists start with a number and a dot. Your donations keep this project alive. Org mode is very good in making different kind of agendas, or task-lists, collecting all the tasks from one or more org-documents.

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Emacs – Jessica Hamrick

To search in a buffer or region, if you have one selecteduse C-s to search forward or C-r to search backward. When you double-click a file written in Aquamacs, it’ll open in Aquamacs.

Next we will promote and demote headings. The basic idea of brainstorming is to write a list of items. In Emacs, there is what is called a kill ring which can hold multiple regions of text that you have killed.

For example you might make This is a headline, it starts with one or more aqamacsa sub-heading of Working with listsmoving it down, and then using M-right to demote it. For example, you can easily distinguish LaTeX files on the screen by their beige background color, or use variable-width proportional fonts for text modes only, but stick to fixed width, monospaced fonts for editing code.


Welcome to the world of Emacs lisp. The white space below that is called the mini-buffer and will occasionally display status messages e.

2 Tutorial: Aquamacs for Beginners

Notice that your list folds in, showing only headings, to give a general overview of the document, and you don’t get lost in the details. Becoming proficient with Org mode To really save time with any efficiency tool, you have to know it well. Tags are used to organize different kind of TODO-entries, for example all tasks on aqamacs phone, reading, shopping, etc. What version of Emacs should you choose?

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Emacs

Press enter, and a new buffer will be created with the file you specified: By now, we know enough to start our first Org document. To enable Org mode on your current document, type. Also it helps keeping the big picture in mind when taking notes. There are two very important keys in Emacs. Org mode files tutorkal be tutorjal by adding workflow states to the beginning of the file, like so:.

If you want to add a time as well, use C-u C-c.

The fastest way to read the ORG mode documentation right in Emacs, in the so-called info-browser. Emacs will highlight the text to be replaced just like if you were searching for it. Again, this is just a view into the buffer, so if I edit the buffer in the tutodial window, the changes will be reflected in the right window, because they are both displaying the same buffer:.