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Cambridge Core – Sociolinguistics – Arabic Sociolinguistics – by Reem Bassiouney. Reem Bassiouney explores how current sociolinguistic theories can be applied to Arabic and, conversely, what the study of Arabic can contribute to our. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on Arabic Sociolinguistics. Zoom Reem Bassiouney .

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I propose that there are two MLs at work here: In addition, one cannot use the idea of islands in order to explain examples 33 or 36because in both there is switching between two different codes within a maximal projection. Note the following examples For them there is only one SA, as was said earlier. We basically, after five minutes, reached a deadlock. Thus according to the 4-M model the structure of this sentence is an MSA one.

Besides, this theory relies on linear order and adjacency surface structure of the sentence and not on hierar- chical order as in the theory of government, for example Romaine Sermon in church or mosque 2.

Note that Mahfuz does not limit ‘language duality’ to a diglossic community or a bilingual one.

Pattern is defined by McCarus This chapter is divided into two parts: Now soicolinguistics field ‘examines in depth more minute aspects of language in social context’ Shuy Gumperz is mentioned here, although he did not discuss diglossia in the Arab world, because his concepts of the discourse functions of code-switching will be applied to diglos- sic switching in Chapter 2, and diglossic switching and code-switching will be studied within the same framework.

The British way of life is not looked upon favourably.

The term ‘code-switching’ can be very broad or very narrow, as are all terms in sociolinguistics. The first chapter presents a bird’s- eye view of the linguistic status quo of the Arab world. James Dale has been enthusiastic sociolinguustics the book, friendly, resourceful and efficient.


He echoes what Myers-Scotton discusses in her book Social motivations for code switching I will briefly touch on the problems of terminology in the field. The complex- ity of the situation arises from the fact that native speakers of Arabic do not distinguish between MSA and CA. This book is dedicated to Mark Muehlhaeusler.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF)

The Arabic noun for ‘result’ would have been in this case nati: This is what Goffman calls ‘a change in footing’, i. Sociolinguists all agree that no normal person and no normal community is limited to a single way of speaking, nor to unchanging monotony that would preclude indication of respect, insolence, mock seriousness, humour, role distance etc.

It is sociolin- guistics that has helped us understand each other more as well as acknowledge differences and similarities between us and others – whoever this ‘us’ is and ‘others’ are. This has been the case since the beginning of the soap opera market in Egypt in the s.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF) von Reem Bassiouney – Portofrei bei

Lastly, as a matter of practicality, since the book does not assume prior knowledge of linguistics or Arabic, as was said earlier, although knowledge of both is an asset, it is necessary to familiarise the reader with the groundbreaking research in the west before discussing the Arab world. They suggest refinement of some other constraints like subcategorisation rules, combining grammatical structures with French lexicon etc.

The word maktaba, which ocurs in the examples and means ‘library’, is derived from this root. Therefore one may have to abandon the idea of an ML in favour of a more sophisticated framework that can explain more precisely what takes place in the Egyptian community. This has sometimes been done forcibly, since language variation and change are related to gender, and gender is related to politics, while politics is related to diglossia, and diglossia is related to code-switching.


Before the classic article by Blom and Gumperz on code-switching between dialects of Norwegian in Hemnesberget a Norwegian fishing towncode-switching was considered part of the performance of the imperfect bilingual who could not carry on a conver- sation in one language in different situations Myers-Scotton Instead, Ferguson placed much emphasis on the ‘external situation’ in determining language choice.

Years ago, when I was still working in the UK, I was asked by an organisation to become a simultaneous translator in a forum that discusses security issues in Iraq. The sister chose to emphasise her identity as a ‘sister’ rather than her identity as a customer sociplinguistics her brother’s shop. In the following example, quoted from Romaine It is in fact hard to assign grammatical categories to a language like Tok Pisin verb, article, negative marker etc. The MSA demonstrative is another early system morpheme, because again it adds meaning to its head; the noun mana: This seems to be a structure that occurs in Tunisia but not in Egypt.

Bassiouhey can use a synchronic approach classification, which is made by measuring and selecting salient linguistic variables for each dialect or group of dialects Palva The following example flouts the government constraint theory as explained by DiSciullo et al. How much switching can there be between H and L?

I discuss structural constraints on code-switching by examining different theories that can be applied to Arabic.

He gives examples like the following It is also phonologically different in all varieties. Note, however, that they only connect content mor- phemes to each other, without specific reference to the semantics of these morphemes.