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ARINC REPORT ()_信息与通信_工程科技_专业资料。GUIDANCE FOR TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT (TTE) EQUIVALENCY. ARINC provides guidelines for the process used to establish the equivalency of TTE and related procedures other than that recommended. Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global.

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This may include common usage tools or items used feport an aid to facilitate maintenance that do not affect the airworthiness of an article. How alternate TTE operating procedures are created or adapted?


Proposal initiators are requested to fill in all fields as completely as possible, replacing the italicized explanations in each section with information as available. The output of this process step is the set of Alternate Tool Requirements.

All projects are typically approved on a calendar year basis. Signed for, and on behalf of, The Quality Assurance Manager: Subtract measurement obtained in step 1 from A related benefit is cost. Parker August 1, Send Feedback.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC Test Equipment – Avionics

The fitment of the actuator into both tools is identical. Those growth areas could even include motors or generators, he adds. In those instances where the airline or repair station uses the OEM recommended equipment, no proof of equivalency is necessary. Such maintenance documentation should include the necessary information as discussed in Section 2.

Complex tasks may require thousands of points of equivalency to be established. To define the roles and responsibilities for the organizations involved. As noted in Figure 1, this is a tool selection process. Any field that cannot be filled in by the originator may be left blank for subsequent action.


Proposed modification eliminates need for expensive 12″ dial indicator and uses existing verniers for measurement of actuator rod travel. The protocol will permit automatic determination of printer type and configuration to provide repkrt growth and product differentiation. Patterns shown are arinc report to scale. Calibration data and a green page amendment giving instructions for the use of the ANZES tool will also be approved by this assessment. According to Mueller, while ARINC simply offers guidelines for testing, adding the standard into those documents afinc that the revision will be binding arijc future purchase agreements.

List of the documents that control the local TTE equivalency process: Schedule — what regulatory, aircraft development or modification, airline equipment upgrade, or other projected events drive the urgency for this project Accepted proposals will be assigned to a subcommittee for action with one of two priorities: Calibration Procedure and Equipment.

Project Scope Describe the scope of the project clearly and concisely.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

Attachment 4 provides a checklist to assist in performing TTE equivalency determinations. Meetings The following table identifies the number of meetings and proposed reoprt days needed to produce the documents described above. And all data and procedures have to be consistent with software configuration management procedures on the aircraft workshop level. More detail needed 4. Report 66 Downloads Views.

Submitter Optional Name, organization, contact information, e. All Critical Dimensions of alternate tool FXT Revision A were compared to recommended tool and determined to be of the same or greater accuracy and geometric tolerancing. For one thing, it is environmentally friendlier to read arinc report guide electronically, as you are saving all that paper. Mueller says that operators need to manage fleet-wide software configuration for on-board repodt equipment.


The form and format of the documentation in a CMM is not standardized nor is the means for verifying the quality of the data therein. The tools are to be sent to an approved calibration vendor for calibration.

Other organizations, such as airframe manufacturers, avionics vendors, etc. Rejected — the proposal is not seen as being appropriate, e. Describe how the new standard will improve competition among vendors, giving airlines freedom of choice. The revision sought to close the gap between ATLAS-provided data and the actual specifications needed by test engineers. It is strongly suggested that for each Category 4 TTE condition, a specific plan be developed defining the available data, what processes will be used to develop the supplementary data, and how that data will be utilized to substantiate the declaration of equivalency.

In order to facilitate the continuous product improvement of this ARINC Standard, two items are included in the back of this volume: Modify dash 7 base by machining slot 11 x 0.