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Buy The Koran Interpreted: A Translation 1st Touchstone Ed by Arthur J. Arberry ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. The Koran Interpreted is a translation of the Qur’an (the Islamic religious text) by Arthur John Arberry. The translation is from the original Arabic into English. Arthur John Arberry FBA was a respected British orientalist. A prolific scholar of Arabic, Persian, and Islamic studies, he was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School and Pembroke College, Cambridge. His translation of the Qur’an into English, The Koran Interpreted, is one of the.

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Hast thou not regarded the Council of the Children of Israel, after Moses, when they said to a Prophet of theirs, ‘Raise up for us a king, and we arbeery fight in God’s way.

So eat and drink and be consoled. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Some of the translations include commentation offensive to Muslims, and almost all employ a style of language which Muslims at once recognize as unworthy.

And when We took compact with you: This translation is different than other ones for that the author approaches the Arabic text at least with less subjectivity afberry bias; even though that his work is also not scholarly based and contains many mistakes, he still gets better rating, for this purpose one more star, from me than the other morons.

As for those who disbelieve in God’s signs, for them awaits a terrible chastisement; God is All-mighty, Vengeful. God will not leave the believers in the state in which you are, till He shall distinguish the corrupt from the good, and God will not inform you of the Unseen; but God chooses out of His Messengers whom He will.

Those of you who turned away the day the two hosts encountered — Satan made them slip for somewhat they had earned; but God has pardoned them; God is All-forgiving, All-clement. Whenever Zachariah went in to her in the Sanctuary, he found her provisioned. Then their Prophet said to them, ‘Verily God has raised up Saul for you as king. Palmer, a poor orphan who was thought in his teens to be dying of consumption, had remarkable gifts as a translator, especially of poetry into verse; his complete rendering of the collected poems of the Egyptian Baha al-Din Zuhair arberr amply to his accomplishments, and his translation of the Koran is in its way equally remarkable.


Never shall they issue from the Fire. Slumber seizes Him not, neither sleep; to Him belongs all that is aarthur the heavens and the earth. And she conceived him, and she withdrew with him to a far place.

God gives the kingship to whom He will; and God is All-embracing, All-knowing. The Romance of the RubaiyatLondon, O believers, it is not lawful for you to inherit women against their arthhr neither debar them, that you may go off with part of what you have given them, except when they commit a flagrant indecency. For my own part I have preferred to indicate these terminations and connections by rounding off each succession of loose rhythms with a much shorter line.

The discriminating reader will not have failed to remark, even in the short extracts quoted, a certain uniformity and dull monotony characteristic of all, from the seventeenth down to the twentieth century. Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Moran Persons related to verses.

Nothing but a sense of duty could carry any European through the Koran. And when you have performed your holy rites remember God, as you remember your fathers or yet more devoutly.

I shall not here inquire into the reasons why the law of Mohammed has met with so unexampled a reception in the world for they are greatly deceived who imagine arthru to have been propagated by the sword aloneor by what means it came to be embraced by nations which never felt the force of the Mohammedan arms, and even by those which stripped the Arabians of their conquests, and put an end to the sovereignty and very being of their Khalifs: Our Lord, give us what Thou hast promised us by Thy Messengers, and abase us not on the Day of Resurrection; Thou wilt not fail the tryst.

First published init is one of the most prominent written by a non- Muslim scholar.

Arthur John Arberry

O if the evildoers might see, when they see the chastisement, that the power altogether belongs to God, and that God is terrible in chastisement, when those that were followed disown their followers, and they see the chastisement, and their cords are cut asunder, and those that followed say, ‘O if only we might return again and disown them, as they have disowned us! Turn thy face towards the Holy Artbur and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it. And those of you who die, leaving wives, let them make testament for their wives, provision for a year without expulsion; but if they go forth, there is no fault in you what they may do with themselves honourably; God is All-mighty, All-wise.


She said, What shall be the reward of him who seeketh to commit evil in thy family, but imprisonment, and a painful punishment?

Full text of “Quran A J Arberry”

Make mention in the Book of Mary; When she withdrew from her people to a place, eastward. Those unbelievers of the People of the Book and the idolaters wish not that any good should be sent down upon you from your Lord; but God singles out for His mercy whom He will; God is of bounty abounding.

Purgstall, in the Fundgruben des Orients, excellent as they are in many respects, shew that this can only be done ‘with a sacrifice of literal translation. So God apportions; surely God is All-knowing, All-wise. Those are God’s bounds. Wherefore she conceived him: Those are God’s bounds; He makes them clear unto a people that have knowledge. S D Cooke rated it it was amazing Feb 05, God grasps, and outspreads; and unto Him you shall be returned.

Encyclopædia Iranica

And the birth-pangs surprised her by the trunk of the palm-tree. How can I have a son arberfy no mortal hath touched me, neither have I been unchaste? The present life is but the joy of delusion. And if you do not — and you will not — then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for unbelievers. He states his position clearly enough in the first pages of his justly celebrated version, first koarn in and reprinted many times since: During the war he was a Postal Censor in Liverpool [ citation needed ] and was then seconded arberrry the Ministry of InformationLondon which was housed in the newly constructed Senate House of the University of London.

Our Lord; charge us not with a load such as Thou didst lay upon those before us.

Truly, God is powerful over everything. So remember Me, and I will remember you; and be thankful to Me; and be you not ungrateful towards Me.