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Integrated KVM Console with 15″ or 17″ LCD monitor in a Slideaway housing. Compatible with ATEN KVM switches (CL). Dual Console: two users may. Multiplatform support: ATEN converters enable PS/2 KVM switches to support USB, Sun, and Mac computers. Click for more details. Alternative Models: These . Download for CL / CL cl__pdf Firmware Upgrade, v, , cl__vzip.

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Only the Station Numbers get updated. This is a class A product.

ATEN Technology CL-1208 User Manual

To access an OSD function: Hotkey OperationSkip ModeThis feature allows you to switch between computers in order to monitorthem manually. In a domestic environment thisproduct may cause radio interference in which case theuser may be required to take adequate measures. Press and release the minus key;3. Hotkey OperationAuto ScanningAuto Scan automatically switches among all the active CPU Ports that areaccessible to the currently logged on User at regular intervals, allowingautomatic monitoring of computer activity.

Tell us what’s missing. M While you are in Auto Scan Mode, you can pause the scanning inorder to keep the focus atenn a particular computer either by pressing P orwith a Left Click of the mouse. Before starting it back up you must do the following: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. To rack mount the switch, do the following: An overview of the information found in the manual is providedbelow. Check the web site regularly tofind the latest packages and information relating to them.


ATEN Technology CL : – Aten Technology LCD KVM Switch User Manual CL, CL

Page 9 Chapter 1. The shape of these pin connectors cll-1208 beenspecifically modified so that only KVM cables designed towork with this switch can plug in see the Cables section onp. Hold down the Num Lock key;2. Themaximum number of characters allowed for the Port Name is Slide the switch onto the support flanges and secure it to the mountingrails at the front.

8/Port PS/2 Slideaway LCD KVM Switch – CL / CL, ATEN LCD KVM Switches

Ifthere are more list entries than there is room for on the Main Screen, thescreen will scroll. After the switch is powered on, power on the computers. CourierIndicates text that you should key in. The maximum cabledistance should not exceed 20m and, in some cases,may need to be shorter. Choose the Firmware Upgrade Package you want to install usually themost recentand download it to your computer.

8-Port PS/2-USB VGA LCD KVM Switch with Daisy-Chain Port and USB Peripheral Support

They stop flashing and revert to normal status when you exit HKM. Page 69 AppendixOptional Rack MountingFor convenience and flexibility, three optional rack mounting kits areavailable: Click Finish to close the Firmware C-l1208 Utility.


It covers all aspects of installation, configuration andoperation. The Firmware Upgrade Utility Welcome screen appears: Release the catches; pull the module slightly toward you; then push it allthe way in. Thewording and layout of the actual screens put up by the FirmwareUpgrade Utility may vary slightly from these examples.

Key in a value from 1 – seconds, then press [Enter].

From a computer that is not part of your KVM installation go to ourInternet support site and choose the model name that relates to yourdevice to get a list of available Firmware Upgrade Packages. The flange that supports the switch will be to the inside.

Switching Station PositionsYou can switch station positions by simply unplugging from the old parentand plugging into a new one. You can dwell on a particular port for as long or as little asyou like – as opposed to Auto Scanning, which automatically cl-1028 after afixed interval.

If it is part of a daisy chain, disconnect it from thechain. As you select devices, a detailed description of each appears in the DeviceDescription panel. Your manual failed to upload Wait a few seconds for the unit to ascertain its Station ID.