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Known extensions to AUCTeX are controlled by the variable TeX-file-extensions: TeX-file-extensions is a variable defined in ”. Its value is. AUCTeX Starting a Command on a Document or Region. C-c C-a) Compile the current document until an error occurs or it is finished. Actually, there is another command which comes in handy to compile documents: type C-c C-a (TeX-command-run-all) and AUCTeX will compile the document.

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You can set the viewer, how often latexmk checks if your. These eventually set the variable TeX-engine which you can also modify directly. It doesn’t work when there is no masterfile. You can use the customize interface to add “ins” to this list or with something like this in your init file:. I agree that C-c C-c is faster than f5; however, I want to be able to save before running the command.

For C-c C-v now I get the error “No appropriate.


AUCTeX One Command for LaTeX, helpers, viewers, and printing

The fourth auctx the command to be used for LaTeX. Since the master file perhaps indirectly includes all other files in the document, AUCTeX will get information from all files in the document.

String with the extra options to be given to the TeX processor. In particular, I’m not sure what it will do if there is no master file set, and it will recompile even if it doesn’t need to. You can customize TeX-interactive-mode to give it a different default.


Actually kbd computes the internal Emacs key representation try C-h f kdb. I want to be able, to use the normal C-c C-c key, to start this compilation. Email Required, but never shown. Submit a new link. The third is the command to be used for plain TeX. Thank you for your input though! Otherwise, it will ask for the name of the master file associated with the buffer. To set this function to F1, you should try something like: See TeX-command-region for details.

The first element is a symbol used to identify the engine.

Knightgu 91 1 4. Without it, the files in the document will not know anything about each other, except for the name of the master akctex. Also, I generally have the pdf I’m working on open in a separate buffer, so I never want to run the view. In particular, fine-tuning the page breaks should be done with source specials switched off.


The second is a string describing the engine. So this may be only for.

You can permanently activate TeX-source-correlate-mode by customizing the variable TeX-source-correlate-mode. DocStrip will Strip the Documentation and comlile a clean and fast loadable Stylefile but is actex able, to create an exhaustive documentation on that style file. If you want to extract the style file or any other packageyou have to run LaTeX on your “Makefile”, that is. In my case, the define-key is inside a use-package call, to achieve the same purpose.

If there are multiple levels of nesting, specify the top level file. It is also possible to compile automatically the whole document until it is ready with a single command: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

An empty string or nil means there is no command available. Log in or sign up in seconds. Sign up using Email and Password.