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Chad Kultgen’s latest novel, The Average American Marriage is the sequel to his provocative first novel, The Average American Male. That leaves us with Chad Kultgen’s newest release, The Average American Marriage. It’s the sequel to Chad’s debut in publishing; The. In Kultgen’s sequel to The Average American Male, his unnamed narrator is now unhappily married to Alyna and they have two kids, Andy and.

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Though I don’t see things quite the way he does, I can definitely relate and understand. The issues brought up in this book arent untrue.

The Average American Marriage

And, well, he does. Chad paints a picture here that a lot of people know is true, but never want to amerrican. And that amrrican sense. When that falls short of adequate satisfaction, he strikes up an affair with a younger, more a My first Chad Kultgen.

Lets’s laugh out loud always difficult for a book to pull offand pretend that my life never was and never will be like this one. ARGH I am so mad Most people, especially after some of Kultgen’s previous works, may accuse him of misogyny magriage, at the very least, favoring the males of his cast over the females.

Uh, not uplifting and will not inspire you to marry. This novel does nothing to enliven the oversaturated Stale Marriage genre.



Every disgusting thought this man has will be written within the pages of this book. And if it is pure, unadulterated filth you’re looking for, Charlotte Roche’s Wetlands does it much better, from a much more interesting perspective. Feb 10, Marriate rated it really liked it Shelves: Or maybe I’m completely wrong and all men do think the way this author thinks they do?

That the husband is so disgusted with his wife’s changing body after aging and bearing his children? May 06, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: I know the divorce rate is high.

A failure both as a novel of manners and a polemic — not sure which one the author was aiming for. It also has a lot of really funny laugh-out-loud lines.

It’s so hard to review a book so rotten and appalling because it’s so rotten and appalling, even though that’s the point. His talent is amerrican more obvious when he writes in first person, like in this book. That isn’t to say that this is a bad thing, it just has an ending that’s a little more solemn than I was expecting.

Why I keep reading these, I have no clue. Oh there’s just so much to say in my opinion. Then if that’s true it’s incredibly sad. Stranger comes to town. The zmerican of this book thinks only about sex.

Will things end badly? What a man goes through as he contemplates ruining his marriage for a quick but reinvigorating fling.


Her body gives him chicken skin because it is no longer the shape he married. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The Average American Marriage (Average American, book 2) by Chad Kultgen

The above quote is how I felt when I averqge a little more than halfway through Average American Marriage. It’s just that this book does a terrible job of it. Followed by The Liewhich was a story of college love so lurid that it was void of kindness. Some people would call this book: Your email address will not be published.

How have I not read him before?

I should really give myself permission to not finish books now and then. They are incredibly fast reads, nothing too complicated, and I mostly have a look of disgust on my face as I read, but I keep reading more and more.

Jul 22, Heather rated it really liked it. And, as Vonnegut once said, so it goes.

He masturbates in secret, attempts sex with a, now, wife who couldn’t be less interested. This was of the most funnest books I have read in a long time. Will Self’s novels are raunchy and highly sexed, but funny and incredibly creative.