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The six-part Beebo Brinker Chronicles is a series of lesbian pulp novels by Ann Bannon, first published between and Beebo Brinker, Odd Girl O. This is a series of five fiction books, (all with different titles) which became known as “The Beebo Brinker Chronicles”, written from to it to New York and meets the handsomest, most swashbuckling, and world- weary butch in the city: Beebo Brinker, the character for whom the series is named.

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She took comfort in a vibrant imaginary life during this time and found solace in writing. I think most lesbians in the 50s hid them and then destroyed them. It may have meant a lot more then than it does now. It was a story about the women in her sorority whom she admired, with a subplot consisting of two sorority sisters who had fallen in love with each other.

I was not expecting to enjoy this nearly as much as I did; thus I give it 5 stars for blowing my expectations out of the water vs. The ambivalence of Lesbian Pulp Fiction”. She is intelligent, funny, vulnerable, all at once and she does not apologize for being who she is: The Beebo Brinker Chronicles”. I particularly enjoyed that Beebo is allowed to be a big, mannish butch lesbian- it’s a problem, and frequently beeo – but the book almost never implies she is really a man.

Jan 05, s rated it liked it Shelves: In reality, women were not allowed geebo wear pants in some bars in New York City. Aug 05, Gaije rated it really liked it. She laid out the heart and mind of a young woman who knew she was different, but also knew she was special. But at least it’s not ‘The Well of Loneliness’.

Ann Bannon – Wikipedia

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fiction — indiscussing her reaction to the artwork on her own books and the other lesbian pulp fiction books she bought and read.


Beebo Brinker is a relatable and multi-dimensional character with an interesting story to tell. Forrest claimed Bannon and her books “are in a class by themselves” and credits Bannon with saving her life, writing in”Overwhelming need led me to walk a gauntlet of fear up to the cash register. Nov 09, Pamela rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: One retrospective writer called Bannon’s books “titillating trash, but indispensable reading to the nation’s lesbians.

In the first half of the book – strangely enough – her most compelling character is male: One or both usually ended up committing suicide, going insane, or leaving the relationship.

Beebo Brinker Series

Jack also allows Beebo to live with him until she gets on her feet, and allows her the time and space to ask the questions he knows she needs to ask. It’s interesting to think that by the standards of its time, the novel was considered obscene — the descriptions don’t really go beyond people passionately kissing each other’s hands and faces.

Forrest included chapter 4 of Beebo Brinker in a compilation of excerpts from what Forrest considered beebi best examples of lesbian pulp fiction books, aptly named Lesbian Pulp Fictioninand called Beebo Brinker the character, “arguably still the most iconic veebo in all of lesbian fiction.

Reacting to the renewed interest in the books, Bannon wrote in the introduction to Odd Girl Out that she was shocked to find out that her characters were not brrinker remembered but that they were archetypes among the lesbian community.

She never knew beebp she wanted–until she came to Greenwich Village and found the love that smolders in the shadows of the twilight world. How it’s obvious for transgendered lesbians that they’re not straight, but how is it for women that don’t look any different. Oct 02, Wendy Rouse rated it it was amazing Shelves: I Am a Woman.

It is the last in brinier series of pulp fiction novels that eventually came to be known as The Beebo Brinker Chronicles. Each edition was adorned with a different cover.


Books by Ann Bannon. Maybe that’s what gave the book its pulp power when it was first published – but it doesn’t read all that well now. Despite her brin,er upbringing and role in married life, her novels defied conventions for romance stories and depictions of lesbians by addressing complex homosexual relationships. Archived from the original on 4 January Jun 27, Marissa rated it really liked it Shelves: Bannon did not outwardly advertise the fact that the books had been released again in her department at Sacramento State.

Archived from the original on September 27, rbinker And then the story takes on a faster and more erratic pace, as she crosses paths with the scheming and malicious Mona and Pete, briker in bed with gentle, broken Paula, and falls hard for the gorgeous, erratic and selfish film star Venus. It is what it is. Beebo-as-historical document again, in this case lesbian pulp fiction of the s.

ONE, 10 4 p. Posted by Salem West at Bannon, by constructing fictional biographies for her lesbian characters, produced a new knowledge about how one arrives at a lesbian identity. A writer of lost lesbian fiction finds herself and her public”. The two bisexual women, Mona and Venus – or at least, the two who slept with men, it was never actually clear if they were bisexual or not, or simply using men manipulatively in accordance with their personalities – were not particularly nice people.

I mean, these people are real people! ONE, 9 7 6— I think this book has potential appeal for many readers though, bebeo I really don’t intend here to discourage anyone from approaching this material. Preview — Beebo Brinker by Ann Bannon.