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Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A hopeless unromantic gets a crash course in love in the fourth . Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editions. Being Committed. Paperback Being Committed . Anna Maxted · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from.

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The Best Books of When he proposes and she rejects his proposal within a few weeks he is proposed to someone else. Quotes from Being Committed. At that time, she was married to Jack and cheated on him. Nothing surprising or spectacular in the writing but it’s an interesting tale and the depiction of one of the side characters is probably the best I’ve seen for a narcissistic personality in anything I’ve read.

I really liked it. Girl gets jealous and wants New J back, but has a committed with Old J in the meantime.

She has a steady job working as a private investigator albeit a mediocre one ; a devoted boyfriend of fiveyears, Jason; and a wonderful relationship with her dad it’s a shame her mother is such a lost cause. Aug 02, Amanda rated it liked it. I read this in a day and enjoyed it. I really enjoyed this book and believe it is relatable to anyone with a committed heart. I remember all the books on the list – except this one. The humour helped to redeem the book.

William Heinemann Ltd Availability: Yet that was the scene in real life when, in the book, the narrator Hannah received a. I dare say the book owes its four star rating to the first paragraph in Chapter A lot of reviewers said the main character is unlikable at the beginning, but I never felt that way about her.


That doesn’t mean Being Committed didn’t throw a few surprises my way. I liked her from the beginning. I thought this was a nice change of pace from Behaving Like Adults since the chapters were short and sweet.

Yeah, it would be nice if every clueless, mean person suddenly stumbled upon a closely-gaurded secret that subsequently ma I think I read this too soon after reading Marian Keyes’ “Mystery of Mercy Close”. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Being Committed by Anna Maxted

This reminded me of how people described the sit-com, Seinfeld: Comjitted of a sudden she changes the way she dresses, puts more effort into her appearance and tries to be nice. Aug 03, Elle rated it really liked it. Not commtited are they easier to get into and stay for a while, but the people are so much less selfish! Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, MA.

Nov 19, Valissa rated it really liked it.

There was a lot of self analysis of Hannah, the main character. Like her other books, the subject is serious, but the writing is humorous. So she sets out to win her back her man but he has a lot of demands now that he has her where he wants her.

Jason agrees to give her another chance — butonly if she meets his terms, beihg them a promise todust off the many skeletons in her closet. Anyhow there were some funny moments in the book, such as when Jason proposed to Hannah. Yeah, it would be nice if every clueless, mean person suddenly stumbled upon a closely-gaurded secret that subsequently made them see the light so they start treasuring loved ones, living every day maxtes, which leads to finding the loves of their lives, etc, beibg.


Girl says no because she had a bad experience with marriage when she was like Books by Anna Clmmitted. It did keep my attention- I stayed up late and then finished abna in the morning. The thing that really left me unimpressed about BC is that the main character has such a personality turnaround, the likes of which I’ve never witnessed in real life.

Want to Read saving…. And it’s always tied to long buried family issues.

It is written in first person with self-depricating humor that I just love. Her first novel Getting Over It, was semi-autobiographical and based very much around her experience of the death of her own father.

Jason, Hannah’s boyfriend of five years pops the question and Hannah turns him down, only to realize that she wants him after all.

Being Committed

But would she have said no quite so quickly had she known that only a month later he’d have gotten engaged to another person?

Apart from his constant stomach problems, he was actually okay. I loved this book!