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The Bicycle Wheel is a treatise on wheelbuilding by Jobst Brandt. Overview[edit]. The Bicycle Wheel is an educational book that explains the structural theory of. This is the 3rd Edition of Jobst Brandt’s classic work, a necessary reference for any aspiring wheel builder and a handsome addition to any cycling lover’s library . Tributes have been paid from all quarters of the world cycling community to engineer and author of The Bicycle Wheel Jobst Brandt, who has.

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For more details on this method, see John Allen’s article: There is more likelihood of damage to the bicycle’s fork and frame.

The Bicycle Wheel

This ease of turning increases the risk of their unscrewing themselves on the road. If you start with the leading spokes, it will be more awkward to install the trailing spokes because the leading spokes will be in the way. Oct 31, Jeff Youngstrom added it Shelves: You often can’t get new spokes past thread-on parts.

It should speed up the learning curve. I learned how to build wheels by looking at a couple of how-to guides: Despite not having learned any radical new approaches to wheelbuilding, it was still worthwhile reading.

Most of the brajdt given, although terse, explain clearly what’s going on. There had been plenty of time whrel thought and experimentation. The final part of the book has the formulas for calculating things like spoke length, spoke stretch, spoke windup, failure tensions, and other such goodies.


The Bicycle Wheel is an educational book that explains the structural theory of a wire wheeland teaches the practical methodology of building bicycle wheels. Radial spoked cross 0 wheels have the spokes going straight out from the hub. Use the rim hole that is on the same side as the flange you are working from.

This wheel is twice as stiff for deflections to the right as to the left. This volume answers questions such as: Turn the wheel back around so that the freewheel side is toward you.

If jobat used hub is re-laced radially, the notches left by the old spokes can act as stress risers, further weakening the flange. Carbon fiber spokes turned out to be brittle and dangerous. This will be a 36 spoke, cross 3 wheel.

Brandt suffered a broken leg in what appears to have been a single-bicycle crash no witness reports in January, This is most likely to happen with small-flange, 36 hole hubs, because there is less metal between the spoke holes.

In my experience, it’s generally OK with good-quality hubs that have forged shells. I wish I had read it before building my first wheel.

Why build wheels?

If the key spoke is next to the valve hole, insert a spoke into the left flange so that it lines up just to the left of where the key spoke comes out of the hub, and run it to the hole in the rim that is just to the left of whsel key spoke. Half of the spokes go to the right flange, and half go to the left. Retrieved from ” https: Feb 15, alissa rated it it was amazing.


This will get you into the ballpark. A single-wall rim has a simple U shape with a a single layer of metal across the bottom where the spokes attach.

The Bicycle Wheel – Wikipedia

The thinner spokes on the left side will be working more nearly at the tension for which they are designed, and so they will be stretched more and less likely to go slack. The following techniques work with improvised biyccle. Also, the combination of hub and rim that you want may not be available off the shelf: Steve rated it really liked it Nov 21, In the case of the ” radial ” cross 0 pattern, the spokes go straight out from the hub without crossing at all.

You can usually just transfer the old spokes to a new whheel, avoiding the need to relace the wheel — see Jobst Brandt’s article. The ‘Bicycle Wheel’ is a book for every cyclist, from novice rider to experienced wheel builder, going beyond the most commonly asked questions. Mar 10, Dan W rated it really liked it. Consider a photograph of a wheel in the same state as the drawing above.

When you are done, double check around the rim to make sure that every other spoke goes to the opposite flange of the hub.