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This instruction manual should contain all the information you’ll need for installing your Installing Blackmagic ATEM Software on Mac OS X .. ATEM Television Studio supports SD and HD video and is capable of switching 6 external inputs. Installing Blackmagic ATEM Software on Mac OS X. 14 .. ATEM Television Studio supports SD and HD video and is capable of switching 6 external inputs from. View online or download Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Installation And Manuals and User Guides for Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro HD. We have . Installing Blackmagic Atem Software On Mac Os

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This lets you connect up to 8 cameras, game consoles, computers or other sources.

If you have any specific questions about the operation or setup of the ATEM please shoot me an email listed below. The multi-viewer connection was one of the only problems Lbackmagic had getting the system broadcast ready. Using Blackmagic Ultrascope Processing Delay 6 Lines.

The multiview SDI and HDMI outputs make it easy to monitor your inputs, program and preview on any display, including big screen televisions.


Program And Preview Buttons Oh well, a small setback. Dupont was a field videographer at the New Orleans Saints games from to Connecting Video Outputs Camera Control Panel Utilisation Des Macros You also get 2 downstream keyers blackmagiic adding graphics, logos and bugs to your video. Learn more about Workflow.

Changing Switcher Settings Fade To Black Joystick Ptz Controls We produce a wide variety of events from football, baseball, basketball, soccer, choir, band and even a parade so I need a solution that is very versatile. You can fully mix audio blwckmagic the front panel, or you can use the audio mixer control tab on maunal Mac or PC to get a complete on screen, multi track mixing interface with level meters!

Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Manuals

The powerful camera controls lets you remotely adjust iris and focus, camera settings and color correction, all via SDI. Use the control panel and parameter palettes to switch cameras live, change transitions and adjust key settings.

Ptz Setup For Remote Heads Use the professional audio mixer to mix audio from ,anual inputs and audio from the analog XLR inputs and talkback mic input.

There are quite a few solutions that will meet most of these requirements but the ATEM seemed to fill them all.


I even had the televisoon setup in my classroom for a few weeks to test connections and to give the students a chance to try it out and I got nothing but positive comments. Connecting To A Network You can adjust the duration of transitions, along with an incredibly wide range of options including border, border color and width, position, direction and more!

Source Names Display Now you can choose the perfect model for switching your live productions. You can switch between multiple cameras, game consoles and computers in real time, all with broadcast quality transitions, graphics and effects! This reliability, combined with the miniaturized design, gives you a much better solution than a cumbersome PC based switcher with cables and plug in cards hanging out everywhere.

The BlackMagic Designs ATEM Television Studio | Product Profiles | Equipment

Using Supersource picture In Picture Audio Mixer 10 input x 2 channel mixer. Compressor, Gate, Limiter, 6 bands of parametric EQ.

Changing The Switcher Network Settings