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BP ENERGEAR HT 75W90, GL1/5, 1л. ₽. Количество. В корзину. Категория: Uncategorized. Описание; Отзывы (0). BP ENERGEAR HT 80W BP INTERNATIONAL, PANGBOURNE, READING/ GB. BP ENERGEAR SHX-M SAE 75W BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL. axles of modern pas sanger cars. Wed, 31 Oct GMT Synthetic. Limited-Slip Hypoid G ear. Oil SAE 75W – BP – BP. Energear HT grades are.

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Energol GR-XP is classified as follows:. Excellent lubrication of the moving parts in the compressor as well as recycling of the oil, entrained into the system by the refrigerant, are therefore ensured. Designed for use in a wide range of gear units with spur, bevel or helical gear design, including synchronized manual gearboxes, transmissions and axles under moderately severe load and pressure conditions.

They are intended primarily for the lubrication of large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded gears.

Other additives in the oils ensure good protection against corrosion, suppression of foaming, enhanced water separation and load —carrying characteristics. BP Transcal N is a heat transfer oil formulated using a highly refined mineral oil, selected for its high thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and low volatility. Also for 75w-0 transmissions where a Leyland spec E fluid is specified. Applications BP Turbo Oil is recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft helicopter types in commercial and military service.

BP Lubricants – Kernow Oils

Applications Vanellus Monograde 20W is designed for use in a wide range of applications that require a monograde oil It is suitable for use in diesel and gasoline engines as well as certain transmission, hydraulic and other applications that specify a monograde engine oil. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. Excellent load carrying performance increasing the life of bearings, gears and other highly loaded lubricated surfaces. Energol TH-HT enerear the performance requirements of the following turbine oil specifications:.


Applications Energas NGL is bo primarily for spark ignition natural gas engines where a low ash formulation is specified and where the gas is largely free from aggressive components i. Energol OGL series are lead-free and chlorine-free. Suitability for systems incorporating both heating and cooling branches. The products is easily pumped from drum to application spray nozzles with conventional transfer pumps. Ukraine, Kiev View map.

Bartran oils display high performance characteristics with outstanding ultra fine filterability. Under these conditions it is important that the oil maintains its high lubrication performance. Main Benefits Good load carrying capability Corrosion resistance Resistance to wash-off by water Good shear-stability and resistance to vibration.

Applications Energol CS oils have a variety of applications such as in circulatory systems for rolling energwar and calendars both rolling and plain bearingsvacuum pumps and hydraulic systems, where a fluid type ISO HH is required. Excellent protection against corrosion, even in the presence of condensed water. They can be used in steam and water turbines. Energas NGL is approved by:.

Morion – Morion

Enrrgear A range of premium synthetic non-mineral lubricants, based on polyalpha-olefin materials. The EP properties are provided by a sulphur-phosphorus additive. To Compare the Products. Description A range of premium quality mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids containing zinc-free anti-wear additives. The low temperature fluidity ensures that adequate circulation occurs in the coolest parts of the circuit.


Oil BP Energear HT 75W-90 1L synthetics

Absence of solvent or diluents also enables the products to maintain full specification during storage and use. It delivers excellent performance in terms of wear enerbear, soot control, low temperature performance, engine cleanliness, oil consumption control combined with the potential for extended oil change intervals. They have very good viscosity characteristics to ensure that starting torques are not excessively high in cold operating conditions. Applications Turbinol X -EP oils can be used for the lubrication and cooling of bearings and gear boxes of steam, gas and water turbines and associated equipment eg some turbine governor systems, sealing oil systems, turbo-couplings and the lubrication of turbo compressors.

BP Turbo Oil is approved against U.

Description Energol TH-HT is a range of industrial turbine lubricants, formulated from highly refined, mineral base oils and a selection of ashless performance additives.

Bartran oils are suitable for a wide range of other applications requiring high levels of anti -wear and anti-oxidation performance e. This grease is based on an oxidation resistant, thermally stable base oil and an inorganic thickener. Applications These oils are formulated for the circulatory and bath lubrication of spur, helical and worm-type industrial gears.