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TOPAS is the latest generation Rietveld software. The basics of the Rietveld method were published in the late ´s, when the Dutch. This is a free update fixing some issues as described in the TOPAS V – What’s New manual. Once downloaded, simply unzip the file to a temporary directory. TOPAS BBQ is a TOPAS variant designed for unattended operation in fully automated environments for process and quality control integrating all TOPAS.

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Tutorial 18 – This tutorial explores convolutions to fit a single peak in a pattern using the convolution approach discussed in lectures. An improved indexing algorithm that is both faster and more likely to find the right solution. This is extremely important in many industries. How to perform individual peak fitting in topas, often the first step before indexing.

Some topics will need topas v5 or v6. You’ll then try these functions in topas.

Tutorial 32 – Solving a structure from single crystal data using charge flipping Tutorial 33 – Single crystal: The aim of the tutorial session is not to necessarily fully understand what your doing, but to make sure you’re happy with the “mechanics” of the overall process of Rietveld refinement. Please contact us for more information. A simulated annealing algorithm for all systems including structure solution in real space from powder, neutron, neutron TOF and single crystal data.

TOPAS – XRD Software, X-ray diffraction – XRD Software | Bruker

Manuao BFGS method together with aggressive memory conservation techniques now allow for refinements comprising tens of thousands of parameters. TOPAS defines a new generation of profile and structure analysis topss by seamlessly integrating all currently employed profile fitting techniques as well as related applications:. Its main focus is in crystallography, solid state chemistry and optimization.


They’re a collection of various tutorials from recent schools and user meetings. Include a university web address displaying your e-mail address.

A61, implemented with a number of enhancements, these include: Graphical user interface, Structure analysis, etc…. This is due to an automatic Marquardt constant determination and the calling of the very fast BCCG routine twice to solve the normal equations were parameter limits violated.

TOPAS Software

Enhanced computer algebra routines whereby 10s of thousands of equations can be loaded and simplified without difficulty. A command line program called TC. The topad there have far more detail and contain screen shots of approximately what you should see at each stage. For example, an x coordinate written in terms of H, K, L etc Tutorial 12 – ZrW 2 O 8 Rietveld: Editors are a personal choice and it would be unwise to expect all users to settle for any particular one. Example based on laboratory x-ray diffraction data from mannual monoclinic WO 3.

Most notably are TOPAS’ capabilities to determine and refine very large and disordered structures; several of the largest structure solved to date from powder diffraction data have been solved with TOPAS. Tutorial 13 – Multiphase Rietveld refinement Tutorial EXE can be both run at the same time.


Tutorial 40 – This tutorial teaches you how to use a Genetic Algorithm with a P1 distortion mode model of a structure to decide which modes are actually important in fitting the data.

Example based on simulated lab x-ray diffraction data from low-temperature orthorhombic LaMnO 3. Stacking Fault Refinements Tutorial 43 – Topas v6 lets you calculate the diffraction of materials with stacking faults.

Further tests indicate that phase penalties can be used to determine phases from non-centrosymmetric structures. How to index a powder pattern in topas. Note this is the same as tutorial 12 above.

Durham Topas Tutorials

Real time OpenGL display of electron density with atom picking. Also discusses structure solution from X-ray and neutron data. A more advanced symmetry-mode refinement example based on room-temperature WO 3. Several of the tutorials e. It’s convergence in general on smaller structure refinement problems is comparable in time to that of the fully calculated Hessian matrix. Who is it for TOPAS-Academic is for scientists and PhD students working in the fields of crystallography, solid state chemistry, optimization and function minimization in general.

His many ideas, suggestions, tutorials and rigorous testing has led to a multitude of breakthroughs and impovements.

Refinements of this sort were not possible with version 3. Version 4 solves structures that version 3 could not.