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Ann Laura Stoler’s Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power is a must for all scholars late I98os and early IS, concerns that Stoler has been working with and. Ann Stoler. Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule. Berkeley: University of California Press, xi + pp. $ . Review of Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule by Ann Laura Stoler.

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Ma Hla May hardly seems attractive to Flory. Moreover, that sexuality, gender, race, and nationality are linked in very complicated ways seems to be commonly understood. Basing her arguments on knowlege and including information about countries involved in contemporary conflicts, she conflates the histories of many major colonizing powers such as England, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century with the powerr politics of countries such as France, Israel, and the United States today.

Open Preview See a Problem? By singling out some countries and not mentioning others, she makes somewhat unfair global generalizations about colonialism and empire. More information on this subject would be intriguing. In the preface, she singles out the countries which have recently come under scrutiny by the UN and public opinion, as carnl to countries who had occupied more territory and may have been harsher colonizers.

Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule

Their sparse accounts defy a typical understanding of historical narrative, and their unwillingness to stoker the intimate whether for privacy or because of a genuine marking of its unimportance begs the question of who exactly intimate powrr were most important to.


In chapter three, Stoler places gender-specific sexual sanctions and prohibitions as something at the heart of the imperial agenda. Jan 18, DoctorM rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 20, Sara-Maria Sorentino rated it really liked it. Stoler leaves out a good deal of the global context. She also draws on sentiments expressed in literature. Skip to toolbar Blog. It was after the supposed attack had happened that they started proclaiming how wrong it was to even think that the natives were any canral civilized as to even host a bridge party for them.

Although novels and memoirs position European women as categorically absent from the sexual fantasies of European men, these very men imagined their women to be desired and seductive figures to others.

University of California Pr Amazon. The entire scene of sexual intercourse together with the attendant shame which Flory experiences strongly suggests the link between sexual and imperial domination.

A foundational text, said my professor a couple times. By broadening her scope too much in the preface, she leaves out the untold histories of those not involved in the Dutch colonization of the East Indies.

Part of this disillusionment is with the Oriental woman, the fantasy of which is dispelled. Stoler considers governance of the intimate sphere – of sex, of marriage, of child-rearing – as a critical site for understanding race and for understanding what colonization looked at and how it was accomplished.

She argues that in a comparative frame, the state often categorized people using taxonomies for mnemonic purposes. I hope one day I can write a book like this woman. These women also tend to not have a choice when being sent to the colonies to be married off, as Elizabeth in Burmese Dayshaving to choose living a life of relative poverty in Europe or being the savior-scapegoat of Empire.


Maybe it’s just me, I am certainly already predisposed to close examinations of the sites and frames she discusses, but the fact that I’ve been assigned this book three times in as many years suggests otherwise.

Study, understanding, knowledge, evaluation, masked as blandishments to “harmony”, are instruments of conquest. Her theorization is profound and has wide implications and is certainly extremely Foucauldian and the research that she did to write this goes way beyond impressive.

Refresh and try again. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Although the book is relatively recent, her insights feel dated. Trivia About Carnal Knowledge She mentions abd fact that uncertainties were prompted by those on the racial margins.

Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule by Ann Laura Stoler

Each chapter focuses on a different element of intimate life in the colonies. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Feb 12, Julia Kott rated it liked it. Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Oct 12, Sam Carnsl rated it it was amazing Recommended to Sam by: In chapter five, Stoler focuses on the domesticating strategies of empire.

They sought to dominate and they did. Drawing on research from the s to the early s, Ann Stoler argues that colonization in the Dutch East Indies blurred the private and public spheres in the context of the family and the home.