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The New Wounded. From Neurosis to Brain Damage. Catherine Malabou. Translated by Steven Miller. FORD HAM UNIVERSITY PRESS. NEW YORK 20 1 2. Catherine Malabou’s star has been steadily rising in the Anglophone world over the last several years. Numerous books have appeared in. This book employs a philosophical approach to the “new wounded” (brain lesion The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage. Catherine Malabou.

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Jillian rated it liked it Mar 20, The classic case is that of Phineas Gage, a mid-nineteenth-century railway foreman who famously survived serious damage to his prefrontal cortex caused when an iron rail was blown through his head.

Jake rated it really liked it Aug 25, This is an appealing and even auspicious project. Jameelah Morris rated it liked it Dec 02, A person can become homosexual, a gambler, a paedophile or whatever. Paperbackpages.

The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage by Catherine Malabou

The possibility of a survival where form is re-made through the destruction of form, where often the Other offers their persistent presence: Books by Catherine Malabou. Taylor ; Cohen ? It was great for the most part especially her analysis of Freudian theory but I did, however, feel that Malabou overstated her characterization of patients with brain damage i. Tim Diack October 13, 2: In itself, this might not require a book-length treatment.


Malabouu the two neq and “brain”—are cayherine synonyms, we cannot meaningfully ask about the relation of psychology to neurology because psychology is identical with neurology. One should just remain mindful that for all the discussion of neuroscience, a necessary condition of accepting her account of explosive plasticity will be its alignment with one’s own political commitments.

Even if as some suspect there is more legend than fact in this story, it nonetheless dramatizes Malabou’s idea of an explosive change in personal identity: Catherime central question posed by such traumatic ruptures reveals the capacity for destructive plasticity to make us anew in the wake of our own destruction, not through our redemption, but through our erasure.

The New Wounded

The old onion of the psyche, with its layers upon layers of meaning, is simply not there to peel apart in analysis; rather, it has been replaced by a new self, which requires a different clinical approach. The Pat Martino Case Report.

In the end, Adler summed up in a sentance: Retrieved December 31,from Somatosphere Web site: To view it, click here. Adler essentially based his conclusions on the premise that in nature things do not produce effects that are radically different in kind.

Contact Contact Us Help. His new research project is centered on emerging infectious disease surveillance, global epidemic outbreak responses, and biosecurity interventions. It thereby reevaluates the brain as an organ that is not separated from psychic life but rather at its center. Malabou first marshals scientific evidence demonstrating that the brain has malabiu circuits involved with emotion.


While this would be a matter of cerebrality, more importantly it would involve endogenous determination. The idea is that the dysfunction that follows trauma cannot arise from meaning buried in that old, obliterated self.

Your email address will not wwounded published. The Subject of the Accident pp.

The New Wounded by Catherine Malabou – / daily review

A person with Alzheimer’s disease, for example, is not–or not only–someone who has “changed” or been “modified” but rather a subject who has become someone else. Through an adroit reading of his corpus, Malabou argues that Freud was always committed, at least intrinsically, to the existence of an immanent ‘death drive’, such that one could nfw the neurological critique of psychoanalysis and argue to the contrary that, with regard to psychopathology, it would make better explanatory sense to locate cerebrality within the dual structure of Freudian sexuality.

Wanyoung Kim rated it really liked it Aug 12, We are thus dealing with a strange mixture of nature and politics, in which politics takes on the appearance of nature, and nature disappears in order to assume the mask of politics. No trivia or quizzes yet. The patients find themselves equally changed; they no longer recognize themselves catjerine they were before.