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My current catalogue library and my love of specialized catalogues! Postais: Portugal, Açores e Madeira supplement; Afinsa. Michel – Europa Band 4 – Sudosteuropa (/). Michel – Europa Band . PORTUGAL. AFINSA – Catalogue of Portugal, Azores & Madeira (). AFINSA . Afinsa (Portugal); Anfils (Spain); Australasian stamp catalogue (Australia) Froede (Germany, active to ); Hellas stamp catalogue and postal.

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Sun Jan 19, Check catloo books from your local library before buying. It talks about printing, paper, perfs, etc etc. Are the Afinsa catalogs still produced?

List of stamp catalogues

portutal Poland Portugal Prince Edward Is. If you decide on booklets, then specialty books slanted to that part of the hobby is the answer. To get a handle on stamp collecting, a popular title is “Fundamentals of Philately” by Williams. Imprensa Nacional 1st ed. Maria I Unknown publisher n. I have noticed that people cut the old catalogs apart and sell them on ebay so if you want to build your own single country stamp album you can cstlogo out the pictures from the catalog or use the scott numbers to custom print the pages.


Thu Jan 09, History of Portuguese postal services with fine colour images of early post boxes, scales and other equipment.

A noticeable omission of publishers of country specific catalogues is Stanley Gibbons. Well, I fortunately have fair to good reading ability in nine different languages French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic and Persian as a result of years of training as a graduate student in Islamic History at Ohio State.

Deluxe auction catalogue in cloth in special slipcase. Maps, Prints, Photographs Ephemera. Then get a Stanley Gibbons. This would probably be true for other SG country specific catalogues. Since the original post my collection has grown and now also includes: Stamps, Proofs, Covers and Portugsl I have seen an album or two done with graph paper on ebay by hand that I have thought to be impressive.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue 2012 New Afinsa Catalogo

Yvert et Tellier is used for foreign stamps, as old people as many collectors, are don’t speak English and understand written Frech, being a Latin Language. A selection of Algerian parcel post stamps from a Delcampe listing. And finally, for collectors in the USA, the realization that Scott does not list many items that would be considered basic issues in other countries is a frustration that only the overseas specialized catalogues can redress, at least until such time as Scott finally provides listings in its Classic Specialized Catalogue.


Now you look for catalogues, etc, tailored to those areas. Stanley Gibbons ‘Stamps of the World’ 6 volume set would be a good start.

Page 1 of 1. Google can help you find most of the articles. They can get books from other libraries, including reference books. Anno de Lisboa. For English, Stanley Gibbons is good.

I LOVE specialized catalogues. Anyway, should have been a little more aggressive, thank you all. Thank you for the fast replies.

Portugal Stamps Catalogue New Afinsa Catalogo | #

They had over items listed. Need to pay for a previous order? I’d doubt it, due to cost. Tue Sep afihsa, Reprint of postal documents.

And if you never get out of the penny stamps it is all you will ever need. Yvert et Tellier Germany. Oops, a portugxl, got posted thrice because my browser page froze in the process