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Stormbringer came out from Chaosium in , with the idea to adapt Michael Moorcock’s seminal fantasy anti-hero to role-playing games. After perusing the threads, other than the Big Two (Runequest and Call of Cthulhu) Stormbringer/Elric! seems to get the most love of all the BRP. Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Stormbringer The Stealer of Souls / Black Sword, Chaosium, Stormbringer 2 .

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This book contains two sections: Sunless Skies Come to Tabletop: Browse Related Browse Related.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Yet, like all the Elric books, it can be read as a whole unit without reference to previous books. Even if you do not plan to run the campaign this book is FULL of great ideas applicable to any RPG from personal character quirk lists to a great and novel system of allegiance to the forces of law and chaos. I always preferred the “in the background” types when it comes to big properties.

Fantasy Chaosiu, in the World of Elric. Complete and very useable. The magic system is indeed awesome.

Stormbringer Chaosium

The Atlas of the Young Kingdoms: This book includes everything you need to tell such ‘heroic adventures: As a side note, what about that sensational Frank Brunner art?

I had always been more interested in the game as a sword-n-sorcery type thing with magic firmly in the background, so it didn’t really bug me that much. My name is James and I, too, am a fan of Who wouldn’t want to explore the dead alien ship in that deserted sponge world? ISBN printed on box reverse; box art essentially the same.

Stormbringer (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Beware also Mournblade, brother to Stormbringer and just as powerful, fickle and deadly. Elric is that emperor, a brooding albino unhappy with his pre-ordained life.


The Temple of the Eternal Flame lurks in the fiery heart of an ancient volcano. Elric’s adventures during this period are chronicled in the book ‘The Bane of the Black Sword’. Boardgame counters are punched, unless noted.

Then, the Bright Empire began its inexorable decline, and the caverns were abandoned. Players manipulate the armies and personalities of the nations of the Young Kingdoms in an attempt to conquer a world.

Avoiding spoilers to a 40 year old book here, I know, but it’s the ultimate moment of the series in a lot of ways I like the post but that line jumped off of the screen at me. Double the value for INT in Knowledge and add for age. The end of the sixth book? The Elric stuff is good, but for myself the rest of the eternal champion books stormbrinfer hackneyed. Stormbringer 4th ed replaced the 3rd edition. You and stormbrinfer friends portray ordinary people from the Young Kingdoms who seek adventure, riches, power, and understanding.

The box has very light wear and its still in super condition for its age!

What’s In This Box list states a copyright of and now includes the reference sheets. Even more intriguing is that there’s no ban on the use of the pronoun “I” in these sections. James Maliszewski August 12, at 2: The gamemaster is provided with extensive information on the governments, cultures, and environments of the various lands which Freyda must visit while following Elric’s trail, including Nadsokor, Org, and Karlaak of the Jade Towers.

It includes a ship record sheet, sixteen types of merchant vessels, sotrmbringer small chaaosium, lethal warships, xtormbringer the feared Melnibonean battle barge, Also featured are sailing instructions, a ship disaster table, sea menaces, storms, siege engines, seafaring, survival at sea, ship and sea battles in tire Saga, crew stats for five classes of vessels, creatures, scenario Hooks, an analysis of the Dark Ship that sails the multiverse, spot rules for shipboard combat, shipboard fumble rules, many illustrations, more.


A “plus” sign indicates that an item chaossium close to the next highest condition. After reading the essay I got inspired to get most of the heartbreakers he discussed and tried to get all. But I’m thinking that if Elric does show up, your character better damn well better pray that sword just ate.

In the dotage of Melnibone, they must rise and assert their dominance over ztormbringer realms of creation. May have medium sized creases, scuff marks, very small stain, etc.

Elric/Stormbringer/Hawkmoon/Corum – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

They must quest for a magical Lute, and ancient Hymn, and a Troubadour with no equal to restore a love lost. Stormbringer has proven quite different, though, perhaps because I never had a chance to play this game the first time around, unlike most of the products to which I devote a Retrospective chaosiym.

Four hundred and fifty years have past, and something dark and vile now inhabits this isle, warping the natural order of living things and twisting their very beings into hideous monsters. Moorecock is probably my favourite fantasy author, and Stormbringer my favourite Chaosium game. Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln, is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion and the sworn enemy of the foul Granbretan empire.

Sorcerers of Pan Tang. Board games in this condition may be played but show little to no wear. Stormbringer Companion 2 stormbronger Demon Magic. Unfortunately, I never got to play it. I do recognize that editions of the game prior to Elric!

Dannyalcatraz – Wednesday, 1st February, May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc. No ISBN on box.