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Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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Tag: Eight Documents of Charu Mazumdar

We could not put forward this correct and bold slogan at that time—In the event of the Kerala episode recurring in Bengal, it is armed struggle that would be the only way of overthrowing the government. Mao Zedong himself analyzed China as Semi-feudal pre-democracy where no proper democratic charru was found.

Undoubtedly, the principal aim of the Maoists is not the social or economic advancement of the adivasis, but the capture of power in Delhi through a process of mindless bloodshed. On the contrary, these very leaders face the danger of getting isolated from the Party ranks. You are commenting wight your Facebook account. Such movements can show the path to the masses, help them to develop the clarity of outlook, documentx in making sacrifices. After he becomes a Party member, the Activist Group must not have any contact with him.

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Historic Eight Documents

Gulzarilal Nanda has announced that he will not accept the verdict of the electorate and he has notand he has started telling absurd stories about guerilla warfare.

As the Indian Government is carrying on char with imperialism, that sense of unity is being struck at its root. The drama of making equalitarian society with lot of bloodshed and failure of Maoism to build up socialism in China ended up while losing the promise of proper democracy. V section majumdaf participated in electins while the Miuktigami group in retrospect supported participation and condemned the the resolution as sectarian.

The Indian bourgeoisie has not been able to find out any other way except killing democracy, faced with the instructions of American imperialism and its own internal crisis. No Marxist can support this slogan. So, destruction of State power is today the first and principal task of peasant movement.


It argued that democracy in India was a sham and decided to base Indian revolution on protracted guerrilla warfare on the lines of Chinese Model. Besides, we shall secure guns from the armed forces of the Government by attacking them all on a sudden. They are unable to assimilate the experiences of chau peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Today Party eitht will have to think anew about every mass movement. The basic point of our tactics is whether the broad peasant class has rallied eocuments not, and our basic objective shall be the raising of the class consciousness of the peasants—whether they majmdar advanced along the path of broad based armed struggle.

T he vast masses of the Girijans were drawn with the perspective of the mass revolutionary line. To resolve the imperialist war we should advance along the path determined by Lenin.

From this basic revolutionary outlook, economism leads on to the blind alley of bourgeois outlook. It is historical fact that the Adivasis have gained least and lost most from 69 years of political independence.

Only he most advanced and conscious sections of the working class ,who understand the ideology and politic s of the class viz,the communists alone can constitute its members. That is why it participated in Panch Sheel, in the Bandung Conference. The broad peasant masses shall be roused in making sacrifices, the struggle shall spread to newer areas. This is the basic point of Party education. The only Marxist road to self-cultivation taught by Lenin and Chairman Mao is the path of class struggle.

We have to make the bourgeoisie tremble by striking hardest at its weakest spots. The Party leaders after long imprisonment, after the Party Congress, for the first time had a session of the full Central Committee.

Please refer to article on The Proletarian Mass Line for details. The party organisation was to be formed from the leadership that emerged from the struggles. It tore off the last mask of democracy. Withi a mass organization a party member must work within her discipline of that mass front. The campaign should consist of A. Revisionism speaks of fighting against imperialism, feudalism and the reactionary force, but in deeds it widens the path of collaboration with these forces.

Chairman Mao has enriched this path shown by Lenin.


No such assurance has been given by Harekrishna Babu. However it has relevance for the Indian Movement, even today. Now they are suggesting reliance on laws and the bureaucracy.

The unity of the allied classes is not strengthened, because in our agricultural system the exploitation of feudal classes is foremost. Congress appoints 10 additional spokespersons. By forming these fighting units among the working class and the revolutionary classes, we will be able to build up that revolutionary Party, the Party which can stand firmly on revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and can carry out the responsibility of the coming age. It is in the interest of the working class that the efforts for development of these nationalities should be supported.

Historic Eight Documents – Wikipedia

For documenst preservation of cadres, proper shelters and communication system are necessary. The aim of these attacks should also be the collection of arms. Since there cannot be liberty in any meaningful sense without equality so there also cannot be equality without liberty. Comrades, instead of running behind spontaneous movements, partisan struggles will have to be developed in an organised manner today.

In the present day context 2 points are of exceptional importance. Which conducted the anti neo-revisionst struggle,o rganizationally consolidating the forces that rallied with the revolutionary politics and guiding the peoples movement with the aim of revolution. Although the rural areas are the main areas of struggle the movement cannot exclude the mass organisations in urban areas.

Under no circumstances shall the Communists try to pass the type of struggle acceptable to the peasants as the best. RadicalStudents Union or All India league for Revolutionary Culture They converted mass organsiations into Front Organizations, unable to completely give them their separate identity. All workers work in the factories owned by capitalitsThey earn heir wages by soling their labour power. The Indian bourgeoisie has not been able to find out any other way except killing democracy, faced with the instructions of American imperialism and its own internal crisis.