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Marilyn Ferguson ha sido directora de Braind/Mind Bulletin y consejera de y libro de culto La conspiración de Acuario, así como El mundo de Acuario hoy. La conspiración de acuario: resumen analítico. Front Cover. Marilyn Ferguson. Gruppo Cap, – Author, Marilyn Ferguson. Publisher, Gruppo Cap. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Sociología: La conspiracion de acuario – marilyn ferguson. Compra, venta y subastas de Sociología en todocoleccion.

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A short time later, Churchill became director of the Josiah Macy, Jr.

This is achievable by providing a controlled psychological environment. Admittedly, some anti-population legislation is necessary, but the mountains of nebulous paper and attendant draconian penalties issuing forth from environmental agencies, has thrust the Western world into a nearly-insolvent post-industrial era.

The above comments would suggest that Russia is a willing co-conspirator in the global social engineering project, but in actuality, a hidden agenda may be involved.

Their efforts were coordinated with the Columbia Broadcasting System, whose chief executive officer was career intelligence operative William Paley. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Dr. Jung lectured to Mary Mellon, who later founded the Bollingen Center in America; this center spawned several cults.

Phoenician artifacts have been found at Minas Gerais, Brazil. II, Tavistock conspiracio to establish a global network of psychiatric research centers, in order to influence the ideologies of mass populations. Kallmann conducted a study of more than cases of schizophrenia.

Marilyn Herr – Barbatul – PDF Free Download

He provided a safehouse for Lenin and Trotsky there. The operation is reportedly under the control of billionaire and former British intelligence operative Maurice Strong.


Several people who claimed contact with extraterrestrials during the early years of the UFO movement were members of various occult orders. If allowed to continue, this would cause the Illuminati to lose its dominance over the populace. Attempts have been made to discredit her work on the grounds that the coca plant is not indigenous to Africa.

Marilyn Herr – Barbatul seducator.pdf

Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. Technetronic Era and The Chasm Ahead, respectively. Wayne Evans, director of the U. A secondary intent was the subversion of Western culture, the latter having been successfully accomplished by the Tavistock cabal.

After the conclusion of the very bloody W. Founded as a clinic in to serve the psychological warfare needs of the British military, its first director was Brigadier-General John Rawlings Rees.

The Lucis Trust is a major New Age command center on behalf of the Illuminati, as evidenced by its sponsors, who have included. Email required Address never made public. By using our website you aacuario to our use of cookies. In a remote section of Colorado, in Crestone County, a compound has been established to create the new religion. Filter your search Keyword. Revolution der Gehirnforschung Marilyn Ferguson. Army and Anglophille New York financiers.

Wells, the evil geneticist states: What the above narrative depicts is an organized attempt by front organizations to brain-wash the global populace into accepting the destruction of national sovereignty in preparation of a totalitarian World Government.


De-industrialization was accomplished by culturally-shocking the masses into accepting the formation of vast environmental agencies staffed with parasitic bureaucrats.

This is occurring because NATO has infiltrated many Islamic terrorists into the Russian republic of Dagestanwho promptly claimed its independence from Russia. Jung was not only an influential advisor to Nazi sympathizer and CIA director Allen Dulles, he also instructed Alice Bailey and her 33rd degree masonic husband.

This devious ploy has enabled the CIA to acquire control of major city police departments. The conference concluded that in order for the Illuminati movers and fedguson to continue their dominion over the masses, the populace of Western nations must be brainwashed into accepting the de-industrialization of their countries.

Part 2 – Religious Mind Control

Pamyat was the brainchild of rabid anti-Zionist and fascist ideologue Valeri Yemelyanov, who was associated with the Fegruson of Oriental Studies, a think-tank whose gnostic research was used by Russian Intelligence to create cults In foreign nations. The novel was based upon a real-life geneticist of the same name, who promoted the use of hashish among members of the Rothschild literary Circle in Paris, during the mid nineteenth century.

In calling for the establishment of a post-industrial dictatorship, Brzezinski wrote:.