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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }.

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Obviously creatife latest streamlined model would be the first choice of the average American. For the child this is a dynamic and unifying activity. One factor that has been identified in the creative process is sensitivity — a sensitivity to problems, to attitudes and feelings of other people, and to the experiences of living. Focusing attention upon the painting, drawing, or construction puts emphasis upon the end product only and limits growth to present understanding mmental the field of art, and mwntal particular to the taste of the individual teacher.

He knows what to do with wood if wood wants to “feel beautiful,” when it wants to show its grain at its best. The child’s relationship to his environment thus is signified by the child’s search for his otvn concepts. He loves to discover new things, to experiment, and to read fantastic stories.

It is lowenfdld to say that everything Johnny does and to which he is exposed has some influence upon him. After coloring the workbook birds, the child has lost his creative sensitivity and self-reliance. As self-evident lowenceld this sounds, in most of the art appreciation practiced in our classrooms the level of understanding and emotional relationship of the appreciator are almost completely neglected.

It would not only widen the gap between our industrial and scientific achievements on the one hand and our social and religious institutions on the other but also seriously affect individual adjustments.

Nina Schmidt rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Sheryl rated it liked it Nov 01, Our knowledge has registered that. Fantastic book on how children grow creatively and psychologically, and how they are related. The ability to question, to seek answers, to find form and voktor, to rethink and restructure and find new relationships, are qualities that are generally not taught; and in fact these seem to be frowned upon in our present educational system.

Problems in human relations, growing populations, international understandings, and the problems resulting from rapid tech- nological change make it imperative that hrowth development of creativity becomes one of the most llowenfeld considerations of our educational sys- tem.

Although it is commonly agreed that experimentation that may be harmful menttal physical growth is dangerous, we do not apply the same caution when we deal with the child’s mental or emotional growth. But considering the warning that was given in yearI expected this to happen anyway. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Let us think, for instance, of a traffic light.


For your information, I ordered one used book from a bookseller who did not reply me at all after waiting for 7 working days. On the contrary, it expresses his likes and dislikes, his emotional relation- ships to his own world and the world that surrounds him.

Only when we begin with a well-integrated curriculum in early childhood will we be able to succeed. Johnny even learns to predict their behavior: For instance, if a scribbling child, whose control of body movements is not developed to the extent that he can correlate them with his visual experiences, is forced to represent a definite object, he not only will be unable to perform a task that depends upon ability to achieve such corre- lation but he may also lose confidence in his own means of expression scribbling.

At that time it was quite common in building to show several styles. It lies in the nature of a creative experience that they all unite to form an entity.

Creative and Mental Growth, 3rd Edition: Viktor Lowenfeld: : Books

He therefore has definite intentions, not only of what he wants to express but also of how his final product should look. Yet self-introduced repetition cdeative of great importance to the child, as it is a reflection of his need for creativs order within his environment.

Integration in learning, therefore, becomes of major significance, since it may be responsible for leading our youth to a more unified and better adjusted life. And the educators may not even be conscious of this discrepancy. However, it is not these figures or their rearrangement that make for mental growth, but rather what these figures stand for.

Without question, one of the prime crdative of any art program is the development of individuals who are creative thinkers. Angela rated it it was amazing Feb 14, He paints Mary much larger than anything else because she is important to him.

Such form concepts consist of parts, all of which are meaningful to the child. His dynamic contribution to the field of art education cannot be measured in terms of his numerous articles, his re- search, or creatice many books, or even the exciting and stimulating lectures he delivered all over the country; rather it can be measured more readily in the people who have been more personally affected by close association with a spirit that continues to live in each of them.

The child who imitates becomes dependent in his thinking, since he relies for his thoughts and expressions upon others. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. For example, “sitting in a swing” will immediately bring to consciousness, in the sensitive child, all kinesthetic feelings of swinging back and forth, even the tickling sensation in his stomach; he will feel the texture of the rope in his hands, and he will experience the correspond- ing up and down of his motions with that of the horizon.


The Pennsylvania State University, However, in the field of art, originality is stressed; responding in usual or common ways is not necessarily the best answer.

Art educaton, introduced in the early years of childhood, may well mean the difference between lowefeld flexible creative human being and one who, in spite of all learning, will not be able to apply it, will lack inner re- sources, and will have difficulty in his relationship to the environment.

Coloring lowenfe,d affect a child’s creative expression.

One of the basic ingredients of a creative art experience is the relation- ship between the artist and his environment. If later generations were to look at our contemporary culture, they would get a most confused impression.

Creative and Mental Growth

Since it is generally accepted that progress, success, and happiness in life depend greatly upon the ability to adjust to new situations, the importance of art education for personality growth and development can easily be recognized.

A man or a tree will not change in sunshine or moonlight for a child of ciktor years. In fact, one study indicates that the rating of reading readiness by grosth use of drawings is a better predictor of reading achievement than is the teacher. What matters, then, is the mode of expression, not the content; not the what but the how. Decided to risk the chance and order the book.

Creative and Mental Growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, William Lambert Brittain – Google Books

It is self-evident that vicarious experiences lend themselves just as well to creative motivations as experiences the child actually has gone through. Unfortunately, that used book is totally printed in black and white. See too that the boy identifies so closely with his father that he puts his own sneakers on him, with the important laces he has just learned to tie.

The child’s physical needs of motor activity therefore must be recognized in order to be prop- erly motivated. Stephanie rated it it was amazing Feb 28,