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Designing The Future has ratings and 12 reviews. Alice Elizabeth said: I agree that we need to change the way we’re living. From both a sustainabilit. Buy Designing the Future: Read 9 Kindle Store Reviews – Jacque Fresco’s futurist book, Designing the Future serves is a manifesto for redesigning civilization itself.

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The new cities would provide a total environment with clean air and water, health care, good nutrition, entertainment, access to information, and education for all. It is a well known fact that large apartment buildings in large cities are simply abandoned in many cases and are phased out and precisely because of this very inhumane effect they have on you. I don’t think this will happen. However, I am not arguing that they are right.

Because it is not supported by anything but promises. Computers will eventually be able to design their own programs, improve and repair their own circuitry, and update information about social needs.

Even to pay the interest on these loans they have to create new loans and the debt only accumulates. It is also know as the “negative aspect” or “negative way”.


It would’ve helped if he actually took his own advice. From both a sustainability and a humanitarian perspective. It frees people for the first time from the routine of repetitive fyture activity. It is especially promoted by those who profit handsomely from the sale of armaments. The turbines would have a centrifugal separator and deflectors to prevent harm to marine life.

Designing The Future by Jacque Fresco

It essentially states that you are free to do whatever you please and external interference is not allowed. How can we think that without fiture these conditions, the passing of a law will prevent stealing? Their history proves that the Jew is extremely cruel and at the same time a coward. Well, then you have to rebuild the countries.


We tried that in the stone age.

Consequently, fewer people are able to buy the products that automated factories turn out. That is not how Intelligence works.

With this application, the warmer it gets on the outside, the cooler it becomes on the inside. All streets are the same, all housing is the same, and everywhere you walk and nearly everything you see is the same prototypical structures, no matter how much you can “individualise” it.

Before her death she would nonchalantly state.

Innovative technologies make it possible to conserve resources for lesser- developed regions, without sacrificing any of the conveniences tuture advanced living.

Then why don’t we do designnig when it comes to planning our societies: This massive automation, massive manufacturing and massive invasion on a mega scale seems to be something that does not fit the REAL picture of what deisgning being done right now including all these wars and “revolutions” producing nothing more than destruction on a global scale and massive impoverishment and deprivation of millions of people as a result of all this chaos and violence.

If we look at things scientifically, there is more than enough food and material goods on Earth to take care of all people’s needs – if managed correctly. These new cities would provide for the needs of the inhabitants through an efficient allocation of resources and materials, in an energy-conscious and pollution-free environment.

It is them who created the UN in the first place.

Designing The Future

It is inconceivable that these ideas are either practical or economically viable. Book Iit may simply shock you as far as God, or rather Creator concept is concerned. The wealth and influence of these corporate elite can not be equaled or countered by the workers who enabled them to acquire such wealth.


In those days there was little understanding of science and how things worked, and explanations were not scientific. Most jobs will be taken over by some kind of machine.

· jacque-fresco-designing-the-future

Third, Fresco cites numerous factual inaccuracies. Entire freight sections are unloaded instead of separate containers. A newborn child enters a world not of his or her own making. ZioNazis even state bluntly: Additionally, there is the potential of Fresnel lenses to concentrate heat. How might highway transportation be similarly arranged? What were all those Shnobel big nose in Yiddish Prize winners in economics doing for generations?

Oil may not run out, but it may become monetarily and then physically impractical to extract it. People should be in awe of the amazing things being made possible by nanotechnology and biotechnology, but they should be advocating that people invest in these technologies.

It all looks like some concentration camps for biorobots, utterly without any individual touch. Another aspect of it is that once there exists enough energy, it inevitably creates wealth, and, as a result, the population explosion becomes a myth.

According to Eduard Hodos that Executive Order was exactly the reason why Kennedy was murdered as those bankers would simply loose all the power of issuing the fake money and control the USA. It is no different than a high-tech jail, utterly inhumane. It is not ethical people that are needed but rather a way of intelligently managing the Earth’s resources for everyone’s well-being. New light on the Protocols. Sall, in his paper on Fuelless Energy Technologies, nearly all the “renewable” sources of energy are not what they are promoted as.