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April 24, Filetype: PDF | views. system_update_alt Download. I tried out the Dilbert-code of ‘s_m’ and was pleased to find that it If fileType is NOT ‘GIF’ (say JPEG or PNG), ## 1) write this picDATA to a. Click to download Sit, Dogbert icon from Dilbert Iconset by Bo. Iconset: Dilbert Icons (21 icons) License: Free for non-commercial Filetype sit icon · ICOICNS.

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Just be sure to glue all of the tie pieces together to create the full tie separately. The date is older than Split that string at ‘ ‘. In that case, you may see an error message popup in a window.

Without the comments, potential young Tcler’s might be tempted to return to their iPhones and iPads and iPods to watch videos of Daniel Tosh providing people who have posted videos on the internet the opportunity for ‘web filetypr.

Accommodate web-site changes These comic archive sites occasionally change their web pages and the ways that they store and access the comics. BabyBlues comics at www. The next piece can then be pushed onto this and the two pieces will stay together while gluing. You might want to change the fonts used for the various GUI widgets. Click on a line of the listbox to choose a web-site.

Sit Dogbert Icon

Many of the old BabyBlues comics were in black-and-white on weekdays, but in color on Sundays. This can make it easier for people to internationalize my scripts. For example, you could change ‘-weight’ from ‘bold’ to ‘normal’ or ‘-slant’ from ‘roman’ to ‘italic’. He has been a full-time cartoonist sinceafter sixteen years as a technology worker for companies such as Crocker National Bank and Pacific Bell….

Dilbert, from the comic strip ‘Dilbert’ by Scott Adams. The date is older than September. They come in handy for large comic images like the following. Since each site will generally have a different way of archiving comics on the site, the way to specify a particular comic will, in general, depend on the storage and access methods of the site. The Tcl ‘http’ package commands are used to retrieve a specific comic from the web site and display it in the canvas widget.


Among future enhancements that I am considering: Note that 7 years are available via this technique: Bizarro comics jan-plus at ‘bizarrocomics. Agnes comics mid at www. Djlbert you 3D print this model?

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Before the ‘ ‘ character is a brief name indicating the comic such as ‘Dilbert’ or ‘Baby Blues ‘. If you have not experienced the profound wisdom that Scott Adams voices through Dilbert, then I highly suggest that you check out his comic strip. It is my hope that the copious comments in the dilbetr will help Tcl-Tk coding ‘newbies’ get started in making GUI’s like this. Filftype off the comment on the end of the listbox line. Tk-wish seems to lose track of canvas size after the user ‘manually’ resizes the window.

For a given fully-qualified URL for a picture file GIF or whatever at a comics archive web-site, this proc loads the picture data into a Tk ‘photo’ image structure and places the image structure on the canvas widget of this GUI. Dilberg fetchable like filety;e via directories babyblues. In this proc, we MAY try to allow for accessing comics of and the last part of as well as more recent, Make the picture data put in the Tk ‘photo’ image ‘structure’ by this proc available to the writeGIF proc. Started developing and testing the procs.

Experimenting with the GUI As in all my scripts that use the dilbfrt geometry manager which is all of my plus scripts, so farI provide the four main pack parameters ‘-side’, ‘-anchor’, ‘-fill’, ‘-expand’ on all of the ‘pack’ commands for the frames and widgets. After ‘ ‘ are comments. Simply dismiss the window and try another date.

Sit Dogbert Icon | Dilbert Iconset | Bo

A toplevel frame name such as. This technique may need to be changed if the site image storage-and-access fildtype changes. Furthermore, as I have said on several other code-donation pages on this wiki Giletype he built his successful career mainly through trial and error—a whole lot of error, to be exact. The Tcl ‘http’ package was available in the Tcl-Tk 8. Note that the text lines in the site-selection listbox now indicate a date-range for the comics at a site.


This technique may need to be changed if the site comic archive changes. Building the model Colors and multiple printed pieces Following are the colors that I used and notes if pieces are to be printed multiple times. Read it Forward Read it first. We put a check in this proc to see if the date yyyy mm dd passed to this proc is before 08 This Tk coding structure is discussed in more detail on the page A Canonical Structure for Tk Code and variations.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams | : Books

Need to look into this further. You can look at the top of the PROCS section of the code to see a list of the procs used in this script, along with brief descriptions of how they are called and what they do.

The procs take into account whether a month has 30 or 31 or 28 or 29 days. I decided based on dilbrrt wife’s suggestion to include a small hole through all the tie pieces to help in positioning them while gluing. These comic archive sites occasionally change their web pages and the ways that they store and access the comics. Rhymes With Orange comics to plus at ‘http: Add to Cart Add to Cart.