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DISTOCIAS DE POSICION DE LA CABEZA FETAL Occipito Transversa Oxitocina, que mejora la dinámica uterina y favorece la rotación y el descenso. Las. distocias. dinámicas. o. anomalías. de. la. contracción. uterina. José Botella Llusiá Concepto de distocia ayer y hoy. Las distocias de la contracción uterina. Palabras clave: distocia, parto distócico, factores de riesgo, control prenatal. ABSTRACT. Background: the dystocic delivery is a frequent complication and its .

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This study aimed at. What is vaginal atrophy? De la Distocia Seccion primera. This paper reviews reliability, specificity, and practical applicability of the two most promising and widely used methods for measuring blood flow within the vagina: Selection criteria Randomized trials comparing restrictive use of episiotomy with routine use of episiotomy; restrictive use of mediolateral episiotomy versus routine mediolateral episiotomy; restrictive use of midline episiotomy versus routine midline episiotomy; and use of midline episiotomy mecanicaas mediolateral episiotomy.


A new method to measure vaginal sensibility. Sexually active teens are at significant risk from sexually transmitted infections and girls and women bear the greatest burden of these infections. In addition, our Caucasian subject population clustered by trimester and progressed towards a common attractor while African-American women clustered by subject instead and did not progress towards a common attractor.

Failed induction was the primary indication of caesarean section delivery in both groups, with no significant.


The mean birth weight decreased more significantly among newborns from qualified families, who also had the highest increase in preterm birth and non-cohabitation. Major intraoperative complications did not occur and no patient required a blood transfusion. Yeast infections can be treated either by placing Imaging studies and surgical exploration confirmed infection of the IVS dinamjcas with the formation of a gluteo- vaginal fistula while the rectovaginal mesh was intact.

OVD training should include forceps, vacuums and the use of spatulas. The interest of modern obstetrics in labor induction can be demonstrated by the huge amount of scientific articles published during the last few years. We excluded patients with a uterine scar, ruptured membranes, estimated fetal weight greater than g, placenta previa, chorioamnionitis and conditions that imposed the immediate termination of pregnancy.

The aim of this study was to evaluate vaginal flora and antibiogram analysis in reproductive-age women with or without vaginitis in primary care settings. Visibility of utero-sacral-ligaments and posterior-vaginal -fornix showed to be increased with gel p vaginal ultrasonography sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value distoxias Two patients had occipital skull fracture disclosed by plain radiographs.

DISTOCIAS DINÁMICAS by Julián Adolfo Borthiry on Prezi

There are situations in which an inflammatory reaction occurs but the specific etiology may not be determined. This qualitative study focused on women who had experienced both types of delivery, in three maternity hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil one public, one fully private, and another private under an outsourcing agreement with the public health system.


Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Most common causes of AV are E. A vaginal dilator may help delineate and displace the vulva and lower vagina away from the primary tumor. Examine clinical characteristics of aerobic vaginitis and mixed infection for the purpose of better diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficiency.

Congenital vaginal defects may be corrected by digital or surgical means. Parameters were compared using paired t tests or Fisher’s exact test, where appropriate; p values Synonyms and antonyms of distocia in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms. Puerperal blues, postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis have been. Therapeutic success in these cases was facilitated by early CT and the rapid disclosure of the unsuspected posterior fossa lesions. After vaginal delivery – in the hospital.

The leiomyoma was found to arise from the right lateral vaginal fornix with a vascular stalk.

In this video, a scripted storyboard was constructed that outlines the key surgical steps of a comprehensive posterior compartment repair: A healthy vaginal microbiota is considered to be significant for maintaining vaginal health and preventing infections. Local anaesthetic was applied and the hair removed with forceps. Laparoscopically assisted vaginal radical trachelectomy LAVRT may be an alternative in fertility-preserving surgery for early cervical cancer.