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“Coupland writes a sparkling sentence and a mean epigram.”—Entertainment Weekly “Coupland has crafted a formidable pop style that hooks up dead-on. Liz Dunn is fat, lonely and has no friends. That sounds harsh, but Coupland faces unpleasant facts head on in this poignant, funny, intrepidly offbeat new novel. Emily Nussbaum reviews book Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland; drawing (M ).

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Liz takes him in without hesitation, and the act of becoming both a mother and a caregiver gives her purpose and meaning.

She admits it and waits for death. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them doug,as our Pro Connect email alert. As could probably be inferred by the title, this is a book about loneliness—a reoccurring theme for Coupland. Coming douglqs a traditionally Couplandian dysfunctional family, she has become stuck in a small apartment in an anonymous neighbourhood in Vancouver, now in her thirties, entirely unmarried and living a life that is bland and unexciting.

And if I look back on my past, I wreck that too, by concentrating on all the things I did wrong.

Had the book been longer I might have given up. This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat When Jeremy dies, Liz is devastated. This site uses cookies. Coupland’s books are so unique. Giving up halfway through. Learn how your comment data is processed. Apr 11, Rachel rated it it was ok. Her constant contemplation of death grows tiresome: This is only the second book of his that I’ve read, and while I didn’t like it dougla as much as All Families Are Psychotic there were less characters and less dynamic plot things but it’s also shorter so I would still highly recommend it.


Eleanor Rigby

By turns funny and heartbreaking, Eleanor Rigby is a fast-paced read and a haunting exploration of the ways in which loneliness affects us all. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The novel is written as a first-person narrative by the main character, Liz Dunn. I love this kind of writing-writing the same way someone speaks.

Amazing grace

His endings are happy endings—not for every character, and maybe not even for the main character. I don’t know how to review books. Don’t give up before you’ve even tried. Eldanor learns that even the most simple things in life — dinner, watching a favorite television show, shopping — are more enjoyable when shared with someone else.

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I mean seriously, the woman is called to the hospital to see the son she’s never met, goes home to clean house and then joins him to crawl on the side of the freeway before bringing him home to make some eggs? She’s listed as the next-of-kin contact on someone she’s never ddouglas of.

Review: Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland | Books | The Guardian

She heads for home with a lighter heart and absolutely no idea that her world is about to turn upside down. Similarly, Jeremy does no wrong. But I never fully engaged with the story in the way that makes a difference dohglas a reader. They’re just so similar in so many ways. And here’s where I made a leap. This was no matter couplajd me as I was enjoying it. The inspiration for Eleanor Rigby was loneliness.


ELEANOR RIGBY by Douglas Coupland | Kirkus Reviews

His arrival changes everything, and sets in motion a rapid-fire plot with all the voupland and turns we expect of Coupland. Eleanor Rigby, in which the lost get found and the cosmic gets real, does this too, with a goodness of heart that is actually inspiring. It manifests itself in the usual way—lump in the throat, shaky hands.

And again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it should have. The night that Hale-Bopp streaks across the skies over Vancouver, Liz Dunn has nothing in her life but impending oral surgery and an armful of schmaltzy video rentals to get her through her solitary convalescence in her sterile condo.

Those twists keep the pages turning even when the characters grow dreary, and therefore I’ll spoil them as little as possible.