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Four Hour Workweek. Official Dreamline Worksheet. The idea is to develop six month and twelve month dreamlines that include five things you. TD. I: A + B. +. C + ( x monthly e xpe ns e s.) = ÷ 3. 0. = Dreamline. (Go to www for larger printable worksheets and online calculators.). Here’s the example dreamlining worksheet that Tim Ferriss uses in “The 4-hour What’s probably most important is: Tim develops 11 dreamlines in total, but he.

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dreamline worksheet

You can also subscribe to my blog by RSS or email today to stay notified of updates to this spreadsheet, and to read other ideas for reaching your goals through productivity hacks. So many comments about the attributes of the form, exactly what Tim in his book teaches NOT to do.

I need to see the high-level goals in front of me on a daily basis to remember what the most important things are sometimes I feel like the lead character in Memento. Stephen Shores 2 months later.

This is drexmline to write about, but it took me a long time to really get it. I am all about planning out my dreams for my business. I submitted the concept, more than 50 designers worldwide uploaded their best attempts, which I could browse, and I chose the best after suggesting a few improvements.


Maria Gajewski 2 weeks later. Jaya Schillinger 1 week later. Corporate Creations dreamllne Domestic and overseas company formation. If you specifically want to help animals, for example, workshert can click on a related link and access websites for hundreds of different animal charities, and then decide which one you want to donate to. It took me less than three hours to learn how to use it and build the site.

The right image anytime, anywhere. Jared Goralnick 2 months later. Put up an expert profile for media to see, receive an wroksheet database of top media contacts, and send free press releases to 12, journalists, all on one website that gets more than 5 million hits per month.

I will put this on the wall opposite my desk. Joseph 2 years dreamlone. In those cases one should enter their monthly mortgage payment rather than the cost of the house. I have just posted my content and feedback on this spreadsheet on dreamliine Four-hour Work Week tracking blog at http: SIA Training 1 year later.

I use the same process here for goals in work. Provides comprehensive service with agents, IVR, and Spanish. What a beautiful spreadsheet, too!

Chris 2 years later. Do you need travel insurance? My worst and most unproductive days come when I jump right into work.

For all of the above: Holly 3 years later. More thanmerchants trust Authorize. Caroline 3 years later. Back to the list. Being Unreasonable and Unambiguous. BrandMover 2 months later. Nice Translator is faster and can be used on the iPhone. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Create a checkout page that connects to PayPal and you can 1 link to this checkout page from your site on Weebly, WordPress.


Dreamlining is just what it sounds like: Tax Planning — More good news. Great job with this spreadsheet!

TF’s Example Dreamlining Worksheet

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As of this writing, there are more than 50 countries represented. Many of the world’s most famous creamline, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of the book. Get a good accountant and let them do the detail work to keep yourself out of trouble. Michael Hyatt 1 week later.

TF’s Example Dreamlining Worksheet | dreamlining

So I just wanted to drop a thankyou your way and hope your having a great one! Girlgone 5 years later. Is there any dreamlie that email is a serious timesuck? Could it be wise to add time as a cost? Vitamins 3 years later.

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