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Astoria Networks Easybox LTE. This device is being distributed by Vodafone to their customers. It’s an product of the Arcadyan Subcompany Astoria. See Vodafone EasyBox xDSL/Sysinfo for a lot of (software and hardware) details about the device, including /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/mtd. Overview. Hardware. PCB photos. Vendor Firmware. Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary). Overview · Firmware download.

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Support for Easybox LTE – For Developers – OpenWrt Forum

But I am quite stuck right now: FW checksum OK [ Hold the reset button down till the Display shows a message with fullimage. Photo of PCB with markings. The preview and download in in the post works again. Writing flash” and “Rescue process is complete, please power I’m happy that you got your box back into working state I would disagree that it was “bricked” in the first placeand I can share your joy about that.

Vodafone Easybox 904 xDSL

IOCTL 8bef ignored interface not opened yet [ That archive is well known, it quite literally kicked off OpenWrt development for the device in Yep, what takimata say is also what i am using.


I found an quite old source at: But i get a permanent boot loop. Please give me a hint to solve that easybxo.

90 just added this interface to the firewall-zone “wan”, and the device and clients had internet! Unfortunately the WLAN doesn’t work either. Calling CRDA for country: Console Speed is C Netfilter Core Team [ 2. PME disabled [ 0. Any idea what has changed? This seems rather strange.

But the device does not “see” this change in the webinterface it still displays DSL: I have build an full working with telephon openwrt image and the reposatory from Registered protocol family 10 [ 2. My second Easybox xDSL with original firmware manages to establish the connection. Timeout waiting for firmware ready.

Your help would be much appreciated! Registered protocol family 24 [ 0. But when i tried to compile it, i got an error: With FritzBox and FritzBox it works fine.

Wait till the Easybox download and flash the Firmware. Mounted root squashfs filesystem readonly on device Hi, thanks for your answer. The binary also contains the images with instructions for the “Rescue Process”, and for good measure I replaced them too with my own versions, so we are completely free to distribute this.


Leider klappt auch das WLAN nicht. I hope work on the EB can continue, I still would love to see it working in a non-experimental way.

What speaks against it too add whole device to Openwrt? I tried to flash that fullimage.

Vodafone EasyBox xDSL: Funktionen, Technische Details und Bilder

Registered protocol family 2 [ 0. It’s working in AP mode, but not as wireless bridge, also no working 940 dial in easbyox Deutsche Telekom in my case Here is the download of the GPL code.

Your link is just for Vectoring Firmware adjustment, but no instruction for getting the provider dial in and VoIP to work. Thank you for your help. OK Booting kernel from Legacy Image at Backup of the download: My second usb-slot does not work but i fear it is an elektrical problem or have everyone the same problem?

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