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EN ISO (de). Umjeravanje i prodaja uređaja i opreme za mjerenje potrošnje električne i toplinske energije i plina. Dalekovod EMU d.o.o.. [email protected] Design Strategic Business Unit Zagreb, DALEKOVOD d.d. veĘ pola stoljeĘa projektira i gradi dalekovode i. Razvodno postrojenje ili trafostanica je deo sistema za proizvodnju, prenos i distribuciju električne energije. Dalekovod primarne strane 2. Manje distributivne trafostanice mogu koristiti riklozere ili osigurače za zaštitu distributivnih mreža.

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The representative of the German Embassy in Kosovo, Mrs. Construction of the kV interconnection line between Kosovo and Albania will strengthen the role of Kosovo in the region as an important hub which accommodates transit and contributes to the security and reliability of the regional energy system.

Isa BoletiniNr: The successful and timely completion of the two projects creates the preconditions and reinforces the transmission network for other developments in this sector, and particularly makes KOSTT prepared for investments in new generation capacities and enhances our position in the regional transmission network. While Kosovo and Albania are currently connected to a kV interconnection line, the transfer capacity of the interconnection with Albania from around MW currently, after the commissioning of this project as well as the Tirana Podgorica kV line, will be increased to around MW.


On the other side, the secondary regulation project between Kosovo and Albania marks a new era for KOSTT, as an operator of electricity transmission, as it break the dependence from Serbian Energy System. The construction of the voltage kV interconnection line between Kosovo and Albania will affect the optimization of both systems, increase their transmission capacities, and increase the safety and reliability of the electricity systems of Kosovo and Albania, and will also impact the market development of both countries and regional electricity market.

The implementation of the Energy Highway Project Kosovo-Albania will allow for greater exchanges of electricity between the two countries, dalekovld after the development of the planned mainly lignite-based generation capacities in Kosovo, and hydro generation capacities of the Republic of Albania.

We are making progressive steps to meet the EU agenda in the energy sector. The construction of the interconnection line between Kosovo and Albania was completed two months prior to the contractual deadline, and the implementation of Lot 1 was carried out by the Croatian company Dalekovod, and Lot 2 was implemented elektrjcne the German company ABB.


The project for the construction of the high voltage line kV Kosovo-Albania, inaugurated on 17 December, was composed of two lots. Similarly, the German Government, through KfW, has also financed the part of the line on the side of the Republic of Albania.