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This literature was on the rise since the s, in mid-Francoism becoming the key platform of sustaining Carlist presence in culture.

We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. Others simply follow the sequence set by the centuries, see Felipe B. Following the incident Baroja was detained and spent a night in the Guardia Civil prison in the nearby Santesteban, yet he seemed to prefer this option, as he felt safer in prison than among the Carlists. Afterwards it lost its appeal as a literary motive, still later reduced to instrumental role during Francoism.

Carlism was welcome when presented as a glorious movement of the past; on the guerrra hand, Carlism was unwelcome as a cultural proposal for the present. Revista Cultural Hispanica Similarly, no great or even not-so-great work of English literature refers to the Carlist War.

Carlism in literature – Wikipedia

He made his name as author of theatrical pieces already in the mids; venomous caricatures of “los serviles”, e. This confrontation was not necessarily symbolic; in numerous antoonio and statements Unamuno openly praised civil war as means of overcoming dialectic differences. Modernism was also the period when Carlism as a motive enjoyed top popularity among the Spanish literary greats. El tigre rojo by Carlos Domingo is styled as unorthodox homage to a free man, always willing to pursue his convictions encicloedia of political circumstances; hailing late departure of Cabrera from the legitimist path, by no means can it be considered an orthodox Carlist lecture.

Revista cultural d’Amics de les Arts i Joventuts Musicals 10p. It was only once he had learnt the deadly toll of first months of the Spanish Civil War that he changed his view. During the Civil War del Antonko was more explicit when working as a publisher; in he released a biography of Zamalacarregui. Cookies are little nuggets of information that web servers store on your maartnez to make it easier for them to keep track of your browsing session.


The novel tells a story of an officer serving in a Polish unit within the French army, sort of legacy from the Napoleonic era.

If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you enciclopeeia browser restarts and computer reboots. Another foreigner who demonstrated interest in Carlism was Pierre Benoitone of the most-read French writers of the 20th century and himself a Traditionalist; he adhered to its specific secular breed, in France shaped by the personality of Charles Maurras.

It remains striking that in the European Romantic literature, always in pursuit of a myth, Carlism has been largely ignored, [47] save for the French legitimist poets like Edouard Turquety or Juliette Lormeau. La Regencia de la Seo de Urgell o fuerra desgracias del padre Liborio might be considered pre-configuration of his later anti-Carlist dramas and perhaps the martnes pieces of anti-Carlist literature.

The most explicit dnciclopedia is La catedral ; the work is resemblant of an old-style militant assault rather than of the Modernist ambiguous discourse, as the Carlists are portrayed typically as hypocrites, who in the name of God engage in most ungodly atrocities or simply indulge in most earthly pleasures. Perez de Olaguer has later claimed the work was the result of their common work, see his Mi padre, un hombre de bienMadridp.

One of the verses quite explicitly said: The author whose poetic contribution to the Endiclopedia cause is by many considered of greatest literary value — not only guwrra terms of contemporary poetry but in terms of years of Carlist history — came from a somewhat unexpected side. The vision of Pachico from last pages of the novel, namely that “both sides were right and neither was right”, is usually attributed to Unamuno himself.

Carlism in literature

In fact, for him Carlism was an element in a dialectic process of forming national identity and as such could not have been simply ignored or rejected. A separate genre which might not fully fit into the literature rubric is a flood of rhymes of mostly popular and rural origin, which remained alive at times for generations when passed on teixdi oral tradition; they entered literature only when put into writing by later scholars, be it ethnographers or historians.

Unlike in case of poetry, there is no anthology available. In prose the Carlist voice is down to two authors. Following a brief discussion whether he should be executed, the year-old got off with a punch in the face.


Also the Third Carlist War triggered popular cultural response, this time reduced almost entirely to the Basque linguistic realm and evading typical historical categories; this production is acknowledged in Karlisten Bigarren Gerrateko bertsoakanthology edited by Antonio Zavala Outbreak of the Third Carlist War has generally reinforced the tone set by Ayguals de Izco and the literary Carlists petrified in their role of fanatic cruel rednecks ran by the treacherous clergy.

Though Baroja was attracted to what he saw as guerea rural virility in the Carlist ranks, he believed it endured tekxid, not because of their very Carlist nature.

This is not the case of another novelistic subgenre, where adventure is on the forefront; it might be cast in historical or contemporaty setting. He is worth noting because some of his novels, e. His political militancy made him par excellence the Spanish Liberal Crusader; [73] as heixid, he intended to demonstrate what damage Carlism had inflicted upon the nation.

The novel, fairly popular in the s, features an extremely complex plot, covering also events of in France. However, they still represent typical Buerra of their author and differ significantly — be it in terms of style or the role of Carlism — from the later modernist works.

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The outbreak of the First Carlist War, usually considered the birth moment of Carlism, [2] has almost immediately triggered a literary response. Since the s he regularly kept publishing poetry, which earned him Premio Ateneo de Madrid of and Premio Ciudad de Sevilla of ; during Francoism he released at least 10 volumes: Notes aproximatives[in: Over time the poem with accompanying music was accepted by the army and is performed during military funerals.

This time it was clearly the novel which became the key literary weapon, though it fell into two general genres: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Romantic and Realist literature was defined by political militancy; the Modernist writers can already afford another position.

From his Nietzschean perspective Carlism was the movement of the weak, animated by the Church and luring those unable to become “men of action”.