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White Wolf and Exalted are registered trademarks of White Wolf,. Inc. All rights reserved. The Manual of Exalted Power the Sidereals, the Age of Sorrows and the. Exalted: The Sidereals – Born Beneath the Stars of ProphecyThey travel among the gods as officials of high station, and walk secretly among men a. These are the rules for creating and playing Sidereal Exalted. Along with rules, this book includes the setting information for Yu-Shan, also known as Heaven.

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Then the Great Contagion struck. During the Primordial Warthey acted as advisers and spies for the Solar and Lunar generals. Leader of the gold faction who want to con the Solars into doing their work for them, because Solars pwn everything and can therefore solve everyone’s problems forever.

They ushered certain Terrestrials into power, making sure the emerging Shogunate would have the infrastructure to survive without the Glorious Golden Gods.

A Sidereal who pulls too hard at the strands of fate can face punishment by its automated systems. They are the servants of Fate, guardians edalted the heavenly realms. Thus, the maidens can always tell who you are.


Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Their patron is the Maiden Saturn.

The Seers in Yu-Shan did the best they could, but nothing could stop the virulent disease. This material is not official and is not endorsed by White Wolf Publishing. Because of certain actions taken during the usurpation of the Chosen of the Sun, all of the Fivescore Fellowship became stricken with Arcane Fate, which makes it very exallted for people to remember they exist at all.

Near the end of the Age of Dreamsthey undertook the Great Prophecywhich eventually led to the murder and usurpation of the Solar Exalted. Their patron exaletd the Maiden Mercury.

Sidereal Rules

The Chosen of the Maidens are the savants and astrologers of the Exaltedas well as matchless martial artists. Sidereals who believe the returned Solars are the best thing since sliced bread.

November 20, The errata redirect seems to have a big problem with subpages. Sidereals have the following mechanical considerations: Chosen of Secrets The goddess Jupiter acts as patron to these, the sorcerers and counselors of heaven, guiding the Chosen of Secrets from the Forbidding Manse of Ivy. Hundreds of millions wiped out practically overnight. The check required flaw always fails on a roll of natural 1. They are based at the Violet Bier of Sorrowsan office-monetary in Heaven.


Presumably there could also be a faction devoted to the Yozis BrassFaction? Personal tools Create account Log in. She’s currently playing a con so magnificently long that not even she he?

Next time, adopt another identity, and ask another god. Create account or Sign in. Back to information about the Sidereal Exalted. This drawback does not apply for rerolls gained from the Luck advantage.

Sidereal Exalted – Exalted 3e

Redirects have to be in [[]]’s if they’re anything but a top-level page. Click here to toggle editing of sldereals sections of the page if possible. Power loss does not affect artifacts, except in unusual cases. A Chosen of Secrets can turn his anima into a field of secrecy, granting himself and his allies great protection from mental intrusion and harm.

The Bronze Faction believes the Solars were supposed to fall for the good of exwlted, and everything that can be done should be to prevent their corruption from infecting the world again.