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Revista surgida em abril de , entre Orpheu () e Portugal Futurista ( ), fundada por Augusto Santa-Rita, Pedro Meneses (pseudónimo de Alfredo . Acest pin a fost descoperit de Sweet Escape Blog. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Edição Crítica da obra completa de Fernando Pessoa. §2. . Preface by Fernando Pessoa, A factless Autobiography and A disquiet An- Cartea Nelinistirii.

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Libraria Humanitas | office of strategic contemplation

Hidden literality and continuous movement Chapter 3: The worse one can accuse Richard Zenith of is to be extremely faithful to the Pessoan Masters and to the lessons that the critical tradition has taught him …. Using diacritical signs instead of a typographical imitation of the documents, gives in my opinion more possibilities of expressing doubts and insecurities in transcribing what has been written.

It became the leading principle of the Center for Editions of American Authors. For the innovative lessons these documents learn us in relation to document X [the first print, MS] he refers to the apparatus. The two Disquiet texts published inthe first ones since In the forrest of estrangement, are exemplary of this last phase: This is, principally, what makes modern textual criticism different from the traditional discipline: Castro19, my italics.

A new critical edition, as part of the EC has been announced but has until now still not appeared. Based on a story by Nobel Prize laureate Octavio Paz, this delightful tale of a boy and his pet wave is charmingly retold with beautiful new illustrations.

Un text de referinta, in continuitatea marilor eseuri dedicate iubirii de Stendhal, Ortega y Gasset sau Octavio Paz. Library of America Anul aparitiei: From fourth-century Li Ch’ung’s -Parody of a Lover- to John Betmeman’s -Late-Flowering Lust,- they re-create, through the revelations of language, that experience of the erotic.

Only in a very few number of cases Pessoa left a fair copy and in even less cases exists a previous publication.


Although I often use other modernist novels in my discussion of Disquiet, this is not a full comparative study. The text of the author, taking place in the running line, is here the result of a surgical operation, i. Contact Pdssoa noi Cum cumpar? Las Meninas and Disquiet: The premise of German and French genetic criticism that each variant of the text is of equal importance is not being practiced in this theory.


These scholars took into account knowledge of early modern printing processes in their search for the corrected copy text.

The work in progress had just begun and Pessoa did have some ideas on how the book eventually should look like. Essays in Bibliography, Text and Edition,p. Choosing this one for publication minimizes the risk of arbritrariness.

He also introduced a few new transcriptions of the manuscripts and offered, as usual for this series of critical editions, an exclusive genetic apparatus.

I am here in search of art. Earlier I have already commented on feranndo traditions and I can confine myself now by remarking that I fully agree with Castro that a critical genetic edition is most appropriate in the case of Pessoa. Like Cunha and all other critical editions nelinistiroi this series Pizarro opted for inclusion of the final authorial intention and gave all initial writings, including crossed out words and other paralipomena in a thorough and abundant apparatus.

Traducere din germana de Ionut Budascu. With these movements paulismo, sensacionismo, atlantismo and interseccionismo, Pessoa tried to catch up with what we now call the historic avant-garde.

Cartea Nelinistirii Quotes

To get things clear: There might be no better example of a postmodern book. First of all, this type of edition publishes all documents, preferably including facsimiles and diplomatic transcriptions. This graphical mode of transcribing avoids translating all aspects of the handwriting into diacritical signs. Slanting Rain and Stations of the Cross had even already been published in and orthonymically, e.

When he died, he left nothing more than a bunch of fragments. Before focusing on the situation for Pessoa, I will briefly comment on the theoretical context in which the critical editions of his works were established.


Although all these traditions certainly have incited the development of twentieth czrtea genetic criticism, they certainly are not fully compatible with it. Between the so-called romanticism nelinisyirii the art that is now moving pesspa towards its peak.

Most of the titles that appear on the lists were, however, found in a fragmentary state, on which he confessed already in to Cortes-Rodrigues: This tentatio tristitiae tempted the modern artist 23 Cf.

MathijsenDeppman 10, Van Hulle 15 41 determines which state of the text is most accurate, whether this be a handwritten or printed text, and uses that text for the edition Deppman Paulo de Medeiros wrote on Disquiet: Castro17 77 contrary: The latter did not explicitly inherit the fragments of the earliest phase of the book.

I am here to track the origins of an alternative to commerce. Faculdade de Letras, Lisboa, But the focus on authorial intentions was subject to sharp criticism as well.

The Book Chapter 1: If it tries to join totality and completion, it will push off the others with its spines or it will, in trying to defend itself, loose all of its own strength and power when it is in ball-mode. This symbolist prose full of mystic imagery, dream atmospheres, metaphysical Stoker26 Transl.: On the other hand, the reshuffling destroyed the original order in which Pessoa had left the documents, usually an important guideline for establishing critical editions.

The isms, especially sensacionismo, turn out to be most of all an attempt of being new and original, completely in line with the many isms popping up in the rest of Europe. Narrating the negative self: