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Atribuida por su autor a Bernardo Soares, «personalidad literaria» de quien dijo Pessoa «soy yo menos el raciocinio y la afectividad», esta maravilla es el. Libro del desasosiego: Fernando Pessoa: Books – Libro del desasosiego de Bernardo Soares / The Book of Disquiet of Bernardo Soares by Fernando Pessoa, , available at Book Depository with .

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How did Pessoa break me? Sadly Pessoa sees only what he wants to see; ;essoa wo It took me a few months to read this, during that time my thoughts vacillated between brilliance and pure, unadulterated crap. Spesso il male di vivere ho incontrato era il rivo strozzato che gorgoglia era l’incartocciarsi della foglia riarsa, dezasosiego il cavallo stramazzato.

Difficult to read but worth the effort. This book consists of small fragments of thoughts, near pages worth, written by one of his personas, one who finds life so dreary that even his dreariness drears him. Not the best way to choose a book, of course, but when you’re picking up an unknown title by an author you’ve never heard of, it sometimes seems as good as any. This book, though, leaves me confused. All desasosego basically is is a stream of poetic and philosophical quotes that may or may not create a story.


Este me lo acabo.

Libro del desasosiego

This is a strong candidate for ‘strangest thing I have ever read’, for that fact alone I will give serious thought to reading it in the original Portuguese one day. Bene non seppi, fuori del prodigio che schiude la divina Indifferenza: Emece Editores May Language: I know that Pessoa is well loved, maybe the most loved of all the fine Portuguese authors.

Better either the complete work, which is in any case a work, even if it’s bad, or the absence of words, the unbroken silence of the soul prssoa knows it is incapable of acting. I fall on the latter side.

Libro del Desasosiego (Spanish Edition): Fernando Pessoa: : Books

What is the reason for this difference in page number? It’s the teenage diary of a full-grown man.

This is not a normal book. You don’t get the ddesasosiego of praise many of my Goodreads friends heaped upon his work by being a bad writer.

Pessoa and his many personae are intriguing, and the book’s strange structure is pretty neat.

The Book of Disquiet is utterly fascinating. Myron by Gore Vidal was a book which I once threw out in unquenchable contempt.

Discussion — The Book of Disquiet — Book as a whole. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Not for me, at least, and it seems regrettable that this is the only piece of Pessoa’s prose we have access to.

But, as I was warned both by the book’s title and by more than one Portuguese, I found the comments disquieting, even more depressing. As a single old guy who is more than a bit of a cynic, I began to relate to Pessoa and the more related the more lousy I felt.


Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. View all 3 comments. Credit 3 14 Nov 17, Or if it was, I totally missed the humor. Fernando, it seems, though involving himself directly in the literary scene of Lisbon on a material level, being a local level of editing and publication in small experimental magazines and journals, engaged in the sort of prolific–but quite secret–writing reserved for a Kafka or a Henry Darger.

I’ve never come across Pessoa’s work before this so I should probably. If you don’t speak Portuguese I would recommend the translation by Richard Zenith, as he is of Portuguese descent, editor of one of the Portuguese …more If you don’t speak Portuguese I would recommend the translation by Richard Zenith, as he is of Portuguese descent, editor of one of the Portuguese versions and considered by many one of the greatest Pessoa’s expert. See all 6 questions about Libro del desasosiego….