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This paper takes a cursory look at the subjects of poverty, infidelity and oppression in Festus Iyayi’s Violence. Using Malinowski and Radcliffe Brown’s Functional. Violence. () by Festus Iyayi. Digitalized by. RevSocialist for. SocialistStories. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Violence, the first literary work by Dr. Festus Iyayi and published in the Longman Drumbeats series in was one of the first novels I read as.

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Sadiq rated it it was amazing Nov 12, Top Packers and Movers in Chennai http: Lists with This Book. Idemudia witnesses this play is educated and inspired by the actor who denounces violence and advocates resistance, and then leads iyayj co-workers in threatening to strike iiyayi better wages and conditions.

Having to always rely on borrowed naira from those who are more fortunate leaves deep scars of shame and guilt. Adeola Abayomi rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Adeniji Tolase Donald rated it liked it Jun 26, Nuralawal rated it it was ok Jun 26, But when the Federal troops shoot and kill his girlfriend’s father without cause in cold blood, he begins to realize that there is more to the war than he had originally thought.

The title story, “Awaiting Court Martial,” is a dreamlike, first-person confession made by a once-efficient executioner of the state.

Festus Iyayi Biography

Violence by Festus Iyayi. Obofun makes his millions by winning coveted building contracts through his connections in the government and through the relinquishing of percentages of the contracts’ total worth to those who award them.

Festus Iyayi’s three novels, Violence, The Contractand Heroesas well as his collection of short stories, Awaiting Court Martialexpose the abject penury and disenfranchisement that constitute the social reality of the majority of Nigerians.


Tom Benn rated it it was ok Aug 31, In each of Iyayi’s novels the real tragedy is that those of the ruled class are either forced or coerced to absorb their oppressor’s abuse http: Onyinye rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Also driving Iyayi’s political critique is a profound acceptance of humanity’s fragility and frailty.

There is filth and chaos everywhere. He swears he will fight the system of which even his father is a part. Defeated, yes, but never conquered. In language that is often vitriolic and stinging, Iyayi’s protagonists potently display his contempt for the rampant corruption that strangles contemporary Nigeria. He takes a job at the council and soon finds himself tortuously torn and confused over right and wrong.

War and Decay in Festus Iyayi’s Violence and Heroes : Livre publié en auto édition

Osime is a journalist who supports the vociferous calls for a united Nigeria and those denouncing the Biafran soldiers and exalting the Federal troops. While the unity of the country can not be sacrificed on the featus of the leadership failure, it is the belief of this contributor that the ethnic diversity of the country should be be seen as a benefit for the people to expolit to advantage.

Violence usually connotes physical abuse, but in his first novel, ViolenceIyayi redefines it as a continual, demoralizing structure that eliminates hope, pride, self-esteem, health, violemce the ability to live independently. Want to Read saving…. We are provide affordable Packers and Movers services in Bangalore.

To ask other readers questions about Violenceplease sign up.

War and Decay in Festus Iyayi’s Violence and Heroes

As in his previous work, Iyayi’s violencee is forceful and bold. Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can’t read it easily.


Osime quickly sees that even though the Biafran and Federal troops commit wretched crimes, the generals and the officers are iyay real enemies of the people of Nigeria. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Iyayi’s writing continues to be mordacious and gripping in his second novel, The Contract. Nigeria is not a mere geographical exprression.

Festus Iyayi Biography – Nigeria, Violence, Contract, and Novels – JRank Articles

They really capture the true position of the nation’s socio economic and political divide which has kept the country from festtus development. You can always be sure you’re reading unbiased, factual, and accurate information.

A total revolution, powered by the third ffestus, could eliminate the corrupt officials reigning at the top of all sectors of Nigerian society and replace it with rule by those who love the land, work the land, and therefore respect it and its inhabitants.

Kaykay Obi rated it really liked it May 01, See 1 question about Violence…. Edem Kossikouma rated it it was ok Feshus 03, This practice leaves little or no money for building the structures the contract was for—resulting in inferior and often-abandoned projects. If he wants to keep his job and be able to feed himself and his wife, Adisa, then he has to swallow the maltreatment. Association of Nigerian Authors prize, ; Commonwealth Writers prize, Citing this material Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article.