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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is a bi- monthly publication dedicated to helping . Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is the ultimate resource for learning how to play. Welcome to Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s digital download website! This is the place where you can order and receive each new issue of Flatpicking Guitar.

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We put this first podcast up to help those who are unfamiliar with flatpicking.

You can check out our complete schedule… Continue. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

Last magaziine by Dan Connors Jul 13, Tim and Dan talk a little about Tim’s new projects and some magqzine his instrument collections.

To that end, the magazine primarily focuses on guitar instruction. Lets keep this show moving! Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

Add Photos View All. Dan talks with Joe about his preparation for and recording of this project and then you’ll hear a cut from the recording. Bryan McDowell is the guy who has stunned the contest world over the past few years by not only winning the guitar, mandolin, and fiddle championships in the same year at the Walnut Valley contest in Winfield, Kansas, but also guitaar almost every other major contest up and down the east coast in all three of those instruments.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online

Podcast Number 9 with Orrin Star. You’ll also get to hear a great new tune that is the title cut of Brad’s soon-to-be-released solo record, “The Voice of Eddie Stubbs.

They will talk about the event and also talk about rhythm and lead guitar playing and then we’ll hear Bull’s original tune, “Bull’s Eye”. This CD is available from www.

Added by Louis Ruoti. Grant was featured in two previous issues of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. I hope you enjoy this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast. Could use some advice, or just start a discussion, on the merits of strum patterns that go flatpic,ing up and down, versus Boom-Chuck with straight down strokes. Is it worth the 6 hour drive I’ll have to make?


Flatpicking Guitar Network – For Fans of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Please Visit our myspace page and add us as a friend!! More and more swing tunes are showing up at flatpick jams these days and so we thought it would be awesome to record Tim and Robert jamming on a few of these tunes. Unfortunately, I do not have gitar for Man of Constant Sorrow – magazihe video you saw was recorded by somebody who had requested me to teach them the song – I only played it…”. All of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s back issues and back issue audio CDs are also available as digital downloads on this site.

Steve has been a friend of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine since we first started publishing back in and he was featured in the magazine’s third issue back in early In this issue we continue with our Volume 20 theme of revising artists who magazinw appeared on our cover in years past.

Jim has just finished a tuitar he tributed to his mother. Even though that job keeps him very busy, Bob took time last year to record a solo CD that features his song writing and flatpicking talents.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s Podcast

Check out Orrin’s website at www. For our second podcast has a celebrity interview with flatpicker Tyler Grant glatpicking talk about one of his tunes “Grey Eagle” off of his new album “In The Light”.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is a bi-monthly periodical, and companion audio CD, dedicated to presenting all aspects of the art of flatpicking the acoustic guitar as pioneered by such great guitarists as Doc WatsonClarence WhiteNorman BlakeTony Riceand Dan Crary. Flatpicking Mercantile and CD Baby. To find out more about this project, visit: Nick is also getting ready to release a new CD.


Please let us flatpickig by posting your comments to this episode note. We hope you enjoy listening to their conversation. Conch Hampton updated their profile Nov 19, This week we feature Dan Miller and his interview with flatpicking guitarist Tim May. I am about to refret my D Martin, and I would like to know if anyone remembers a video… Continue.

We thought that those of you who have been working with Mickey’s lessons may be interested in knowing a little more about him. Started by William Gray. Jim is a very talented guitar repairman and is well known for the restoration work he does on vintage instruments.

Add Videos View All. At the end of this podcast we also get to hear John Carlini guitarDon Stiernberg mandolinand Brian Glassman bass play one of John’s original compositions titled “A Night in Ipanema.

Flatpickking will also get to hear Matt play one of his original tunes. You can check out our complete schedule…. Dan and Eli talk about this new project and more during their visit and you’ll get to hear a cut from his newest CD with Cahalen.

Site by Ciphertek Systems. Two of the downloadable books are FGM compilations and provide the best Flatpicking instruction you’ll find for the money a ton of great material. For more information about Matt view his bio on the Joy Kills Sorrow official band site. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine back issues are now available as downloadable PDF files and the audio companion CDs that accompany each issue since Volume 3, Number 6 are also available as downloadable mp3 files.