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This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobiliztion. 21st Century U.S. Army Pre-Positioned Land (FM ) [Department of Defense] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the latest . FM (FM ), Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) (How to Fight). 15 Aug. FM (FM ). Military FM (FM ).

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Certain capabilities as shown in Figure must exist in order to successfully execute APL operations.

APS are protected go-to-war assets rm will not be used to improve peacetime readiness or fill unit shortages. A unit that is equipped with APL stocks is not normally employed alone but fights as part of a division.

Power projection assets are tailored to regional requirements and send a clear signal of US commitment. It allows a rapid buildup of heavy forces to demonstrate US resolve, reduce risk of open conflict, and counter hostile actions before arrival of the expansion or force protection mission prior to the arrival 1100-17-2 surge sealift.

See Appendix B for composition and functions of the advance party. The changing world environment has led to significant changes in how the Army structures its forces.

Redeployment is the transfer of unit personnel and organic equipment from one area to another. At the core of 100-177-2 philosophy is having the ability to rapidly project predominately continental United States CONUS -based forces 010-17-2 an area of operations AOrequiring the involvement of numerous military Services, agencies, departments, and organizations. Once allotted APL stocks in support of an assigned contingency or mission, the unit commander and staff conduct required planning.


Inventory drawn equipment, perform preventive maintenance checks and services PMCS on equipment, and move equipment to the staging base. Essential for meeting force projection timelines is the strategic mobility triad as shown in Figure The entire process takes several days to execute, unlike the speedier emergency procedures.

| Field Manual FM Army Prepositioned Operations July (FM and

Exercises command and control C2 over APL draws under peacetime conditions. The SPOD is a seaport capable of accommodating large, deep draft, ocean-going vessels.

They consist of major and secondary materiel aligned and designated to satisfy the Army’s wartime sustainment requirements. These last two methods transport equipment over rivers, canals, or coastal waters using US Army or HN barges and other suitable watercraft. The ability to assemble and move to, through, and between a variety of environments, often while reconfiguring to meet specific mission requirements, is essential to offsetting an adversary’s advantage in mass or geographic proximity.

However, strategic airlift and sealift often face multiple demands and cannot immediately deliver large amounts of heavy equipment to meet short-notice crises.

Employment considerations for a heavy brigade are in FM Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. Detailed procedures are in Chapter 3. However, on the basis of the tactical situation, regional CINCs can modify draw procedures to best support the mission. Enter Your Email Address.

FM Table of Contents

The process of unloading personnel and equipment from strategic or operational transport, marshaling local area transport if requiredand providing life support to the deploying personnel. Enter Your Email Address. Gm underlying concept of APL is uniting airlifted personnel with pre-positioned equipment, even though some follow-on unit equipment may arrive later via sealift. Crisis action planning, which begins with receipt of an alert order, can convert contingency plans into operations orders OPORDs as mission requirements become known.


The target audiences for this publication are those units that may draw Army pre-positioned stocks on land, operational planners at all levels, and personnel and organizations responsible for managing, maintaining, and issuing Army pre-positioned land equipment and supplies. First, expeditiously unite airlifted unit personnel with pre-positioned materiel at APL sites.

Field Manual FM 3-35.1 Army Prepositioned Operations July 2008 (FM 100-17-1 and 100-17-2)

Two other surface transportation options are inland waterway and intercoastal waterway. Security includes gaining air superiority for the AO, preventing attacks by direct or indirect fire, and providing area security.

In cases where 10017-2 SPOD facilities are unavailable, supercargo and equipment may be off-loaded onto shallow draft vessels for final movement to land.

Samenvatting This manual establishes the doctrinal framework for the Army prepositioned stocks APS program. They are used to authorize supplies and equipment above normal modified TOE MTOE authorizations to support one or more Army operations, plans, and contingencies.

The IPB is a source for developing threat assessments, particularly the asymmetric threat expected during the early entry period of deployment operations.