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About on Fox Venturi Products | About Fox Venturi Products Fox is a global leader in the Solids Conveying Venturi Eductor/Blower Systems for the pneumatic. CMT offers quality Pneumatic Conveying Venturi Eductors by Fox Valves. Fox Venturi Eductors are excellent for conveying hot, abrasive, fragile, heavy, very light, or problematic materials. Pneumatically convey bulk solids.

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Call us at Cartridge Inserts — Fox supplies many mini-eductors that do not have discrete end connections.

These are available both as: Fox Valve is now a leading global supplier of a broad range of venturi products for industry. This enables pumping or mixing to occur with no moving parts, and therefore with no maintenance. Integrate our conveying eductors into skid-mounted, neatly packaged pneumatic conveying systems, including blowers, coolers, hoppers, bends, etc. Replacement of existing rotary airlocks with venturi eductors makes for simpler, more reliable conveying systems.

Retrofitting existing systems with Fox eductors can result in very significant improvements. The motive, suction, and discharge passageways connecting to the eductor are machined in the valve block.

A Fox Eductor is driven by a positive displacement blower package. These two eductog streams are mixed and discharged. We welcome applications that require critical engineering analysis, custom engineering, and in-house manufacturing. We are a privately owned small business founded in Our highly flexible manufacturing facility can: We look forward to hearing from you, whether your application is for an off-the-shelf PVC liquid eductor, a high vacuum package ejector system or for a custom-engineered venturi for a proprietary process your market is still unaware of.

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Fox Mini-Eductors | Fox Venturi Products

Such internal modifications are particularly important when handling light or dense liquids, like gasoline or refrigerants; light or dense gasses, like hydrogen, natural gas, dox argon; or when handling fluids at high or low temperatures. And, of course, safety is simply not a concern with Fox eductors. Even with free-flowing products, blowback can be a problem, causing bridging and housekeeping problems, or even an explosion hazard.

Motive gas flow rates range from 0. If the product conveyed is fine or abrasive, blowback can cause extreme wear problems.

Fox Liquid Eductors | Fox Venturi Products

Powders must be trickle-fed or dosed by a feeder — they cannot be dumped or batch fed into such a small opening. This often occurs with eductot fine, abrasive, fragile, or high-temperature solids. This is reflected in the brass liquid eductors we build for use in air conditioners, the skid-mounted steam ejector vacuum systems we build for refineries and food applications, the sanitary conveying systems we build for transporting milk powders, and all the other venturi products Fox supplies to dozens of industries including foundries, dairies, refineries, bakeries, plastic compounders, cement plants, mines, fx NASA labs.

Please visit our Case Study Request Page to request detailed application information about Venturi conveying systems in your industry. Send us a completed data sheet and Fox engineers will prepare a Performance-Guaranteed quotation on an eductor or a complete conveying system.

Feedback from customers often reveals five, ten, or even fifteen years of maintenance-free operation. For detailed information on eductors — Download Bulletin or request that we mail you a full color, hard copy of Bulletin Our proprietary computer models can enable us to design internal geometry per your fluids, flow rates and pressures, and then quickly modify existing stock components to assemble an optimized mini-eductor or prototype. It is for this reason that Fox has, for forty years, been brought in to design, develop, engineer, and manufacture specialized venturi products to solve technically demanding applications.


Fox Mini-Eductors

It is the integration evnturi world-class engineering and manufacturing under one roof that distinguishes Fox Valve. Fox Venturi Eductors are used to introduce bulk solids such as powders, pellets, flakes, and particulates into positive pressure conveying systems.

These venturi eductor systems can be used to convey fenturi at up to 15 tons per hour over distances up to feet. Larry has been deeply involved in the design and engineering of Fox products for over 25 years:.

This highly customized ss mini-eductor began as a quick-proof-of-concept prototype, with NPT ends, that Fox supplied in 2 days using modified stock components. Designing with eductors from the beginning ensures the most reliable product feeding available. Fox maintains an up-to-date datbase of all installations made with Fox venturi eductors: