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Framo. Cargo Pump SD Instruction for Maintenance and Repair Before doing service on pump read the Service Manual for Cargo Pumps, Chapter 3. Well, he had worked on ships (tankers) with Framo pumps. In old Framo system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the. Maintenance on framo cargo pumping system on ships including filter, control of liquid filled cofferdam according to instruction in the manual.

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Any hydraulic oil or cargo leakage will collect in this cofferdam. Your email address will not be published. One of the feed pumps must always be running when the power packs are not in operation.

Purging of cargo pumps to be done in accordance with separate purging instruction. Well, he had worked on ships tankers with Framo pumps. Volute casing has a spiral structure. Further ,anual intervals to be based on experience. Abnormal difference in oil level when power system is stopped or in running condition means air in the hydraulic oil high level when power packs are stopped, low level when they are running.

In fact stripping also takes time and is this added practically. If a shut down function is initiated, the PLC will give shut down command to the power packs in sequence. MySeaTime Podcast This podcast on the maritime matters will provide value to the listeners. It is therefore important that operation instructions are followed carefully.

If the local control knob is in open position, the pump will not work even when the pump lever is operated from CCR.


Maintenance on Framo Cargo Pumping System

Ensure proper air venting. This podcast on the maritime matters will provide manua, to the listeners. As we push the lever up to start the pump, a signal in form of hydraulic control line pressure goes to the STC. These may be toxic cargoes such Toluene Diisocynate or solidifying cargoes such as Palm oil.

Deeply Grateful for your blogs Sir Frao things to do on myseatime. This is to manuual the feed pressure on the suction side of the main hydraulic pump. The feeders and DC power supplies are monitored by relays provided with status lamps. However, when initiating start of the first main power pack, two of the feed pumps will automatically be started high capacity mode before the power pack is started.

Maintenance on Framo Cargo Pumping System

This means that the drain line to tank is contaminated by magnetic particles due to: But if you watch the above video, you would know that it has three main components. We must know all of these locations.

These detailed and well researched articles provides value reading for all ranks. The ejector frao the priming system is automatically controlled by the PLC. The PLC receives input from a level switch installed in the pump casing and controls the solenoid valve for the ejector pilot air, starting and stopping the ejector.

Before reassembling any parts, they must be absolutely clean and free from dirt, lint or other foreign matter.

Jin Apr 15, Each pump has ftamo lever that connects with the STC of that pump by a hydraulic control line. Prakash Dec 21, Written by Capt Rajeev Jassal on March 27, If there is a mismatch between command and feedback signal, an alarm will be released. This ensures that any leakage in the line will be immediately detected without the loss of much of hydrualic oil.


Depending on the installation, this is done by a jockey or feed pump. For this reason when the oil level in the hydraulic tank goes below minimum level, the power pack will mwnual. STC then releases the amount of oil to the hydraulic motor which will be corresponding to the amount to lever lifted.

If a leakage is detected, check if the flange connection is tight, retighten if necessary. Depending upon the surrounding temperature, the hydraulic oil used in Framo mabual be below or above this temperature range.

Framo Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System on Ships

Off course if air is still suspected in the system, there is air purging arrangements in the Framo. This pump is inside the cargo tank and there are two liquids hydraulic oil and cargo that should not come in contact.

These are the push buttons installed at different locations. This is called high capacity mode of feed system. The oil level in the hydraulic tank is kept just above the alarm level.