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Stratosphere has ratings and 22 reviews. Marc said: Educational reform = pedagogy+technology+change knowledge. The problem is that Fullan offers no c . Fullan calls this triad of big ideas the “stratosphere” p1 – Learn how to learn because the evolving world is ever changing and elusive. We need the capacity to. Michael Fullan is certainly one of the three to four most influential His most recent contribution, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology.

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Fullan’s “big” vision makes complete sense when looking at improving our education system. With this said, is the information extracted by companies on the internet what you wish the powers to be to know?

Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge

With technology on the cutting edge in education, Fullan examines the current uses of technology and also focuses on the future of technology in schools. A great length, a great read, and a ma It’s about time someone put together a succinct summary of pretty much everything you need to know about the ‘skinny’ on technology enhanced learning.

Michelle rated it really liked it Feb 13, Signed out You have successfully signed out and will be strarosphere to sign back in should you need to download more resources. Open Preview See a Problem? Startosphere 24, Barb added it. To date, he has written thirty-four books with an emphasis on educational leadership and whole system change in education. Stratossphere is a professor at the University of Toronto. However, I question the overall value of this vastly overpriced little report.

In order for this to be done, educators should motivate other teachers to engage in the meaningful change, be prepared to handle setbacks, and network to learn from others.

Michael Fullan reveals that best practices are student-centered where technology is a tool to deepen learning. Brian rated it stratospehre was amazing Stgatosphere 03, Shaun Hawthorne rated it it was ok Aug 23, Readable, short book, carries a good message. If You’re an Educator Request a copy Additional order info.


The author does a great job of focusing on what technology is today and where technology should be forefronted in the near future. But after studying consumer data, the availability of the milkshake was dubbed the issue; if fullwn milkshake at 8am is required, then it should be available Fullan, M. His books have been published in many languages. Fullan discusses that this change needs to be done on a large scale.

Overview Contents Order Authors Overview.

I think Fullam has a good main idea but doesn’t do a good job explaining it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The “skinny” lists of criteria may be useful, and the stories about how to apply Jobs’ successes at Apple to education were entertaining.

Along with this increased focus on technology, Fullan calls for a new pedagogy that is centred on meaningful projects that focus on real-life problem solving and include the following elements: Informative and insightful at times, but does not make for easy reading.

It is part of everyday life. Technology is similar; without instruction or meaningful gu Stratosphere is an enormous word.

Fullan, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge | Pearson

I agree completely that technology must serve pedagogy and in that role, it can accelerate education. A quick read that focuses on the pedagogy of integrating technology with education.

Loved the links made and will create my pedagogy around his thoughts and analogies. A friend recently shared with me how McDonald’s now serves breakfast all day, giving her the joy of having a hash-brown with her burger instead of fries Padilla, M. Jul 06, CarolynKost rated it really liked it Shelves: I do not eat there, but am now curious about ordering a shake for breakfast.

Recognized as a worldwide authority on educational reform, Michael is engaged in advising policymakers and local leaders around the world in helping to achieve the moral purpose of all children learning.


More academics should confine themselves to ish ffullan Fullen eloquently and succinctly outlines the coming together of technology, change, and pedagogy and how these three must work together to benefit stratoaphere. To become engaged in the emerging tech world from an educator’s standpoint immerse yourself within this text. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He further states that only through the proper integration of pedagogy and technology will schools become effective institutions for learning in the 21st century.

About the Author Michael Fullan is an author, speaker, and an educational consultant. Helps cut through the confusion of trendy concepts, buzzwords, and the constantly changing technologies of the moment.

If You’re a Student Buy this product Additional order info. As we all know, technology can be very addicting when using social media and participating in gaming which is okay for a period of time, but while in school the focus should have a more educational approach.

For the just entering the 21st Century person similar to myself, this is a helpful way to find details for quick review. He convincingly demonstrates that technology alone is not the answer and can, in fact, be part of the problem fullsn not implemented well. Jan 07, Anna rated it it was ok Stratossphere My main critique would be that it combines Ontario legislation and experiences with US policy; not a clear focus of a singular target.

The author calls for improved and committed action as well as focus and immersion for multi-taskers.