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Fundamentals of Satellite Communication [Raja Rao] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book. Language English. Title. Fundamentals of satellite communication Author( S) K. N. Raja Rao (Author). Publication. Data. New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India. Satellite. Communication. Satellite. Communication. K.N. Raja Rao. Second Edition . PREFACE. This second edition of the book Fundamentals of Satellite.

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It carried a payload of 80 pounds of sodium and soared to about km into the atmosphere. Clarke — 19 March Postulated the entire concept of international satellite telecommunications from geostationary satellite orbit including coverage, power, services, solar eclipse. Other Earth Stations receive message in useful strength area.

Immediacy and Scalability – Additional receive sites, or nodes on a gy, can readily be added, sometimes within hours. Account Options Sign in. Many People want to communication during jogging, driving, sailing and flying these all possible in Satellite Communication But Fiber Optics not use for them. In case of any fault we can easily repair Fiber Optics but Satellite can not be repair.

Satellite Receive and retransmit signals back. The use of laser communication is also under discussion. His areas of interest fundamentzls Satellite communication, Wireless communication, and Circuit design and simulation.

Satellite Communication : Concepts and Applications

He is also the Advisor at R. Remember me on this computer. Satellite communications play a vital role in the global telecommunications system. Log In Sign Up. Future communication satellites will commnication more onboard processing capabilities, more power, and larger-aperture antennas that will enable satellites to handle more bandwidth.

Versatility and More – Satellites effectively support on a global basis all forms of communications ranging from simple point-of-sale validation to bandwidth intensive multimedia applications. The book provides a smooth flow All it takes is ground-based equipment. Satellite has proven its value as a provider of “instant infrastructure” for commercial, government and emergency relief communications. This satellite now enables extending of communication services to all areas of Pakistan.



Fiber Optics is Very costly for long range communication but Satellite is low for long range communication. This new edition, an up-to-date and comprehensive title on the rapidly expanding field of satellite communication, is aimed at giving important aspects of space and satellite communication. Typically they move in geosynchronous orbits about 22, mi 35, km above the earth and operate at frequencies near 4 gigahertz GHz for downlinking and 6 GHz for up linking.

Elbert How Do Satellites Work? This satellite broadcast a taped message: My library Help Advanced Book Search. With all of the latest information incorporated and several key pedagogical attributes included, this textbook is an invaluable learning tool for the engineering students of electronics and communication.

Fundamentals of Satellite Communication

When is satellite the best solution? The text is organized in such a manner that the reader starts with orbiting parameters and ends at designing a complete multiple access links. The book provides a smooth flow from satellite launch to various applications of satellite.

In addition, other technical innovations such as low-cost swtellite launch vehicles are in development. By William Cook, http: Customers in rural and remote regions around the world who cannot obtain high speed Internet access from a terrestrial provider are increasingly relying on satellite communications.

Communications satellites have been a significant part of domestic and global communications since the s.


The Rocket Motor Arthur C. It starts from fundamental concepts and helps reader to design satellite links. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Skip to main content. He has been on panels of Board of studies and Board of examiners of many universities. Click here to sign up. It’s not possible to get a repair person out to the GSO, so if components fail they can’t be fixed; satellites are made from “space qualified” components with high reliability but redundant components also have to be flown and switched in if elements do fail; a major failure can result in the loss of the whole satellite.

The emphasis is on geostationary satellites. Because the satellite is 36,km from the earth there is an appreciable delay around 0. Selected pages Page Indicated are the short-hand letter designations along with an explanation of typical applications. Satellite solutions are highly flexible and can operate independently or as part of a larger network.

Whether crossing continents or staying local, satellite connection cost is distance insensitive. Global Availability – Communications satellites cover all land masses and there is growing capacity to serve maritime and even aeronautical markets. Satellites are large and expensive, thus there is a large capital cost in building and launching a satellite; this means that you have to be able to get a lot of customers or support many services before launching a satellite, to be sure that the costs will pay back.